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An invitation to femininity with Dorina

Imagine a day where every moment is perfumed with elegance and comfort... That's the experience offered by the Dorina lingerie collection. Here, radiance begins with the very first layer of clothing. Because the right lingerie transforms the mood of everyday life, Dorina has created pieces designed for every woman who wants to feel beautiful and confident at every second. Whether it's a push-up bra where every lace detail hugs the shape perfectly, or classic, refined black panties, every item becomes a second skin that sublimates.

Diversity that celebrates every figure

Whatever the size, Dorina offers a range of choices that celebrate diversity. From padded bras that sculpt a silhouette to perfection, to delicate lingerie sets, every woman finds her personal touch. Carefully selected Dorina collections, in timeless Black or romantic Pink, are crafted with precisely placed underwires for flawless support. And for those in search of minimalism, the g-string in light lace is barely perceptible, like a caress on the skin.

Quality and price: the ideal alliance

La Redoute understands that well-being shouldn't be a luxury. That's why Dorina strives to offer quality women's lingerie at prices everyone can afford. Captivating promotional offers, such as the Michelle bra set, rhyme with elegance for everyday wear. Regular promotions and a varied selection, always in stock, allow you to renew your intimate wardrobe without compromise. Dorina is committed to offering that to