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Dr Martens is a leading brand of leather shoes. It takes its name from its creator, Dr. Klaus Märtens. Shortly after the Second World War, he decided to create work safety shoes that were both stable and comfortable, making it easier to get around. His first shoes were orthopedic, but the innovation soon conquered the world. Dr Martens air-cushioned shoes were the brand's first real success. The eight-hole boot in Dr Martens red was the second, a flagship product for the public and consumers alike. This model was later reintroduced in different versions and colors under the name 1.4.60. Dr Martens shoes are successful because they are simple, hard-wearing and trendy. With 50 years of history, Dr Martens is a transgenerational brand that has made its mark everywhere with quality products. Today, it is a symbol of identity for many young people, and is worn by everyone.

When you wear these shoes from the famous English brand, you're opting for a rebellious, cheeky look! The ankle boots, boots and derbies, for both men and women, are timeless and of the highest quality. A must-have shoe for every wardrobe!

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