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When Comfort rhymes with Elegance

Imagine a fusion of absolute comfort and refined aesthetics. That's where Playtex panties come into play in the daily lives of those who don't want to choose between well-being and elegance. These masterfully crafted pieces flatter the figure without ever neglecting comfort. From midi to maxi cuts that envelop curves like a second skin, each model is designed to offer an unrivalled sensation of softness and total freedom of movement. Let's double down on elegance with a light veil of lace; after all, it's in the details that character is revealed.

La Palette de la Féminité

Immaculate white, deep blacks or delicate prints, Playtex panties come in every hue and pattern to capture hearts and reflect every woman's personality. A touch of lace here, a discreet little bow there, and the intimate wardrobe is transformed into an array of choices. Cotton, soft to the touch and comfortable for all occasions, is the ally of those marathon days when style must never give way to restlessness.

Hassle-free delivery

And because waiting has never been the strong point of impatience, La Redoute is committed to making life easier. Choose, click and wait quietly for delivery to come knocking! Whether it's a batch of knickers or a single piece like a found treasure, every order is treated with the same care. And if you're not sure which size is right for your shape, we've got a handy guide to help you make up your mind. With Playtex, unlocking the mystery of the perfect size is as easy as falling under the spell of the collection.
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