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Enhance your breasts with an ampliforme bra!

Visit push-up bra or push-up, is a model designed to enhance the bust. It gives the impression of greater volume by shaping the bust towards the area between the cups. The structure of the bra alone achieves this effect, which can also be accentuated by removable or non-removable pads. The plunging push-up bra is ideal for wearing under low-cut garments. Its V-shape hides perfectly behind the neckline of a low-cut summer top. The interlocking push-up bra is underwired and covers the entire bust. This is the most popular bra model. It's particularly well-suited to larger cup sizes, thanks to its strong support. The padded push-up bra is a model reinforced with foam shells for added rigidity. The thickness of the shell adds extra volume, giving the illusion of a fuller bust. It's perfect for wearing under close-fitting garments like a tight sweater or fitted blouse. The triangle or scarf bra is recognized by the characteristic triangular shape of its cups, which rise to the shoulders. As you can see, adapt your push-up bra to your outfit for the ultimate effect!
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