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Do you feel like wearing a tight outfit, slim pants or a slim-fitting dress, but think your curves are getting in the way? Dare to wear a girdle and effectively conceal those little kilos that make you feel uncomfortable. For a guaranteed fitted effect, opt for the Emily Ardoise fitted girdle, super discreet and comfortable as well as elegant. Need a high-waisted girdle for more sheathing? Playtex's incredible high-waisted girdle will help you erase as many little bulges as possible. Its cotton lining makes it extremely comfortable. For an even more complete fitted effect, opt for Maidenform's Comfort Devotion fitted tank top. It'll support you from buttocks to bust, for a perfectly sculpted body. Sexy tops are yours! Did you know that your girdle can have a long-term effect? The Body One slimming belt is more than just a girdle. Its firming and slimming effect is complemented by an anti-cellulite action. It's available in a range of colors, so it's easy to see what you're wearing. No more excuses for not wearing your tight-fitting clothes with this wide choice of girdles for women!

It hasn't always had good press, yet the girdle is a practical and effective accessory for correcting minor flaws. The models in our selection are lightweight, easy to slip on and discreet under clothes. Want to wear that little black dress you've been craving? Don't deprive yourself! Enhance your figure with a well-tailored panty girdle that will erase that stubborn little bulge on your hips. Also ideal for wearing low-rise pants with ease, a well-cut girdle refines and smoothes without compressing. You can sit down or climb stairs 4 at a time, and it'll make you forget all about yourself. The new generation of sculpting lingerie is also increasingly elegant and varied. Girdles come in different colors, depending on your tastes and intended use: classic black, invisible flesh color, romantic white. Velvety arabesques adorn waistbands, charming lace adorns well-cut panties, silky-smooth sculpting panty lines... Together with the matching bra, the slimming girdle takes on the appearance of a lingerie set, with its retro look and sophisticated lines. The well-tailored girdle is also an accessory used to reduce the sensation of abdominal heaviness after childbirth.

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