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Sculpting panties: a flawless look under your tightest outfits

There's nothing worse than not daring to put on your favorite outfit for fear of letting little bulges show. Sculpting panties erase all those little flaws for the sexiest effect, even under ultra-tight clothing. While sculpting panties were originally designed to be worn exclusively under clothing, never to be revealed, our designers have worked on the design to bring you sexy, pretty sculpting panties. The use of lace has become more frequent. Sculpting panties are designed to give a fitted effect and/or shape the buttocks. Louise Marnay's Retro maxi shorty, with its lace yoke, will give you a dreamy silhouette under even the tightest dresses. Triumph's Contourning women's sculpting high-waisted panties, available in a range of colors, offer a push-up effect for the most feminine result with skin-tight suits and jeans. Last but not least, Aubade's Hypnodream high-waisted sculpting panties offer a discreet fit and round butt effect. There are many other sculpting panty models to choose from, so it's up to you to find the one you feel both comfortable and sexy in!
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