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The different types of women's bags

A feminine accessory par excellence, the women's handbag completes any outfit with chic and femininity. Whatever their shape, material or color, women's handbags are ideal for storing a wide range of everyday essentials. To help you find the perfect women's handbag, we've put together a wide range of models to match your fashion desires. From embroidered textile clutches to large-format women's bags and handbags with shoulder straps, here's a vast selection. Whether you're looking for a leather or textile bag, you're sure to find the one that's just right for you, in a wide choice of materials. Whether you're going to work or accessorizing a formal outfit, these different models will suit all your needs.

How to choose the right bag for your outfit

With a casual outfit, opt for a women's bowling bag or a bucket bag worn on the shoulder. To complete a chic silhouette, opt for a trapeze bag or a handbag with large handles that can be worn on the arm to enhance femininity. In the end, all you have to do is indulge yourself by playing with the trends of the seasons.
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