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How to decorate a bunk bed?

You're in the middle of planning your children's bedroom. They don't have much room and are accumulating more and more toys and books. If you have only one child, you're facing the same problem: lack of space. The ideal solution? The bunk bed. There's a wide range to choose from, and you won't know where to turn. Mezzanine bed or multi-seater bunk bed?

Here's an overview of how to furnish your children's bedroom with our tips and tricks. How to choose the right bunk bed? How do you decorate a bunk bed to bring magic to your toddlers' space, so they can have fun and sweet dreams?

How to choose the right bunk bed?

Before buying a bunk bed, it's hard to imagine the wide choice available. 1-seater bunk beds, 2-seater bunk beds, 3-seater bunk beds, evolving bunk beds. How to choose?

Questions to ask before buying a bunk bed

  • Safety: think safety first. A bunk bed is suitable for children aged 6 and over. Make sure that the model you have selected meets safety requirements. The ladder must, of course, be solid and secure. Make sure you choose a bed with a barrier on both sides. Stability is also important. Also consider the distance between the two beds, and between the top bunk and the ceiling.

  • Materials: choose materials that are easy to clean, sturdy and robust.

  • If the mattress is not included, buy one at the right height for your little one's safety.

  • Options: to optimize practicality, some models feature built-in storage niches, sliding doors or under-mattress drawers. Check whether the ladder can be moved to suit the layout of the bedroom.

Which bunk bed to choose? What you need to know

The mezzanine bed for a child
lit-mazzanine-une-personne.jpgA mezzanine bed can be very practical and free up a lot of space. You can set up a study area or a relaxation area with a small sofa, for example, for your child's reading time. Mezzanine beds and half-height mezzanine beds are also available.

The multi-bed for siblings
lit-supperposé-fraterie.jpgSeveral children sharing the same bedroom? Choose a classic bunk bed with one bed above the other. Sometimes trundle beds are available with a drawer under the bottom mattress. This makes it possible to accommodate a third little one. You can also find detachable bunk beds to separate the two sleeping areas as your children grow older.


How to decorate a bunk bed? Our tips and tricks

You've chosen and installed the bunk bed in the children's bedroom. They're excited and impatient. Now it's time to decorate! You can simply customize the bunk bed or transform it into a unique space. Here are a few decorating ideas.


How to customize a bunk bed?

To customize your bunk bed, you have several options. You can stick stickers on the walls and/or on the bed. You can also paint a part of the bed, such as the staircase or ladder, in a bright color, to liven things up and delimit the spaces between the children. Why not paint a rung of each color for a touch of originality? Accessorize the bed with patterned or solid-colored cushions and curtains to give each child a little privacy.

You can paint one wall of the room a different color, or stick on original wallpaper: sea, rainforest, princess or pirate style. Discuss this with your child: does he or she want a pure Scandinavian style (white bed, white walls, with touches of pastel colors, soft patterns, a string of lights) or more fun?

lit-mezzanine lit-superposé

How to transform a bunk bed?

Opt for shadow puppets: on the edge of the bed, add cardboard or wooden shapes, or figurines featuring your child's favorite characters. Add a nightlight or wall light to project the shapes onto the wall.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? How about transforming the upper part of the bunk bed into a large adventurer's hut or princess's castle? Your child will have a unique and magical place! It'll make him forget that he has to share his room with his brother or sister if he's not too keen.

Another, simpler idea: add a tunnel for the top bunk. This will create a playful space where the child can hide. There are also bunk bed models with integrated slides.
With a bunk bed, moments of complicity and laughter are guaranteed! Just like whispering at bedtime and deciding who gets the top bunk!

lit superposé cabane

We've given you our tips on how to decorate a bunk bed. Now it's up to you!
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