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Luminaires can be used in any room, depending on the mood and actual lighting requirements. For example, kitchen lighting can be radically different from living room lighting. In the kitchen, for example, you need bright enough lighting to appreciate every cut of food, while the atmosphere in the living room may be more subdued and diffused. For the bedroom, you'll need to take into account the general lighting of the room, as well as lighting for reading and ambience, and dressing room lighting for admiring yourself in a variety of outfits.

Enhance your indoor or outdoor lighting with a luminaire. Whether it's a pendant, wall light or table lamp, the choice of this accessory requires your full attention. It can set the tone for your main room, create a subdued ambience in your bedroom, or add brightness to your kitchen. Outdoors, the play of light enhances your garden or pergola. You can choose from a wide range of designs, sizes and materials. This essential piece of home equipment is available in glass, brass, metal, wood and even characteristic fiberglass.

Lighting, the essential element that brings your rooms to life

Lighting fixtures are the ideal solution for illuminating every part of your apartment or house. Your choice of lamp should be based on your need for light, where it will be installed and the atmosphere you wish to create. You won't light your living room in the same way as your bedrooms or bathroom. Each space can be equipped with a different light source. Ceiling and floor lamps can either illuminate the whole space, or provide a more subdued glow. The wall light reveals the surrounding colors and plays on shadows and relief. This type of format is ideal for stylizing your corridors. To accompany your evening reading or to serve on a desk, prefer a table lamp. The latter is also recommended to enhance a cocooning corner. As for spotlights, they should be strategically placed in your kitchen to illuminate your worktop or hob. They are just as useful in your dressing room to match your clothes and admire yourself in front of the mirror.

Which luminaire to choose?

A luminaire for every mood. It's all about harmonizing your lamp with the location, the furniture, the wallpaper or the paint on your walls. The look of metal, bronze, brushed steel or an aged effect fits in perfectly with industrial decor. Plant materials such as bamboo, wicker, woven rattan or oak are destined for a warm setting. To enhance a more exotic decor, ethnic-inspired items are to be preferred. The clean lines of Scandinavian designs blend in with white or pastel-colored furniture. Modernize your interior with contemporary designs featuring graphic, rounded lines. When it comes to the measurements of your accessory, they must match the amount of light required. A large dining table, for example, may require multiple hanging lights. Particular attention should be paid, however, to height and span. A generous living room can accommodate a voluminous chandelier, complemented by a floor lamp to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Appearance, size and luminosity should guide your choice of luminaire. It's easy to get lost in the endless possibilities. Concentrate on the decorative direction you want your living room, sleeping area, veranda or entrance hall to take. You can mix shapes, but don't clash style categories. Dare to play on aesthetics with roundness, straight lines, or why not undulations. Often overlooked, the appearance and intensity of bulbs should not be neglected for a better finish.

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