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A successful meal stimulates all the senses: taste, but also sight and touch. Table decoration is therefore an essential ingredient for enjoying a festive menu to the full. Plain, floral or checkered tablecloths, colorful porcelain tableware, silver cutlery, crystal glasses: the choice of utensils and table linens contributes to making these moments of conviviality unforgettable. For Sunday lunch or everyday dinner, tableware is an integral part of everyday décor.

For all the tableware, accessories and utensils you need for cooking, Tableware lets you choose from a wide range of products. Browse through a selection of items carefully chosen for their design and practicality. For every taste and every need, there's sure to be the perfect item to delight you!

Decorative tableware

The dining room is the centerpiece of any home. Whether it's open to the living room or separate, it's sure to create a smile if it's well decorated. And what better way to dress up a dining room than with a beautiful table? With a wide selection of tableware products, make your choice to create a sublime decoration at the best price.

The first step, of course, is to choose the right table linen. An elegant tablecloth of good quality will cover the table elegantly. The choice of place mat is then very important to create volume. Finally, to create a real work of art in the room, choose a beautiful element that will take pride of place at the center of your decor. A large ornate dish, an elaborate pitcher or an old-fashioned candy jar - anything is possible. But choose a visually striking piece.

The art of everyday table dressing

To create the perfect table every day, it pays to diversify your choice of tableware. By creating different assortments selected for each occasion, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your dining room. If you don't want to get bored, you can opt for a set of crockery in two different colors that can be combined in an original way. Glasses and plates have been selected to create warm, convivial combinations.

For a festive table on the occasion of a big event or an evening with friends, don't hesitate to create an eye-catching atmosphere by combining containers. A flat plate with clean lines topped by a second with a bold shape is sure to delight guests. And all of this can be further enhanced by the addition of a beautiful decanter with generous contours.

Are you more the sober, uncluttered type? Opt for a plain cotton tablecloth and matching products to create a coherent, visually pleasing ensemble.

How to choose the right products to create a beautiful table?

To select the best items for your tableware, it's best to match them to the rest of your décor. If your home is decorated in light, modern tones, choose white, grey or ivory tableware. A colorful tablecloth in golden hues can then provide the perfect contrast and elegance.

On the other hand, if you've decorated your home in pastel or very colorful shades, you can opt for patterned elements in green or bluish hues. This ensemble will immediately give your home a lively look and make your accessories stand out in the best possible way!

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