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Bedding accessories for adults, children and babies

People spend at least a third of their lives in bed! Knowing this, we might as well buy comfortable, solid bedding for the long haul. From baby mattresses to electric articulated beds, dust mite pillows and children's comforters, our website lists all the bedding accessories you need for a good night's sleep. La Redoute offers home delivery of bedding items from leading brands such as Epeda, Merinos, Simmons, Dodo, Treca, Dunlopillo, Bultex, Pyrenex and more. We also take in charge the trade-in and exchange of old mattresses, and don't forget that you can benefit from practical advice on choosing your bedding in the guides on our blog. We also sell all the sleep accessories you need to enjoy hours of rest.

Important criteria for choosing the right bedding

To choose the right bedding, you need to consider the materials used to make the cover. Your mattress should be made from characteristic materials such as cotton, wool or bamboo. And don't forget that your bedding needs to be airy and comfortable. This depends not only on your sleeping needs, but also on your morphology. The weight capacity of a mattress is also a criterion not to be overlooked to avoid sleeping discomfort. The mattress must be practical to avoid falls and neck pain.

Tips for maintaining your bedding and guaranteeing good quality sleep

For good heat distribution and restful sleep, choose a memory foam or synthetic foam mattress. Opt for anti-dust mite bedding, as it prevents the formation of dust mites responsible for premature mattress aging. To prevent the accumulation of dust mites, opt for anti-dust mite bedding with covers. Your pillow should be made of foam, and your comforters should be airtight to prevent dust mites from penetrating. Down pillows come in a range of colors to suit your needs. If you prefer black, goose-feather pillows are the way to go. Pillows with polyurethane foam or synthetic down are appreciated by comfort-conscious people. They help prevent respiratory allergies and ensure a good night's sleep. Pillows can be adjusted to body level, so as not to impede breathing. Choose lightweight ones to avoid straining your back. To choose the right bedding, it's important to take into account your body size and the number of hours you'll spend in bed. To avoid muscular pain, it's advisable to choose bedding that promotes blood circulation for a restful night's sleep. Don't forget to equip yourself with mattress protectors and bedding protectors to protect your bedding from dirt and dust.
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