Maternity & Nursing Bras

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What underwear is right for a pregnant woman?

Pregnant women can opt for a plus-size bra or a nursing bra as early as the 7th month of pregnancy. A must-have in maternity lingerie, the nursing bra features an easy-to-remove clip on the cup: practical for feeding baby discreetly. Another useful childcare accessory for baby's comfort: the nursing pillow, which holds baby in place while he nurses.

Comfort and freedom: nursing bras

Dear customers, discover our range of nursing bras that combine comfort and practicality for busy moms. These underwire-free models offer incomparable ease day and night, thanks to their soft cotton design and cuts designed to facilitate breastfeeding at all times. With a wide range of sizes available, finding the right bra for you has never been easier.

A palette of styles for every preference

Because maternity is a time when every mother deserves to feel beautiful, we offer a selection of nursing lingerie in trendy colors, from classic white to elegant black. Opt for a seamless bra for perfect discretion under clothes, or choose a lacy model to add a touch of femininity. Bra sets are also available for a smart, economical purchase, combining quality and value for money.

A selection adapted to mom's life

Because every mom needs practicality, every nursing bra in the range has been designed for quick and easy access when nursing. From bras with opening clips to elastic bras, there's always a model to meet the needs of dynamic young mothers. What's more, the variety of models goes well with all types of clothing, allowing a smooth transition from maternity moments to the resumption of daily activities with style and ease.
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