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Warm underwear

Discreet and comfortable, warm underwear is quickly forgotten. Under a blouse or light bodice, these skin-tight knitwear and undershirts for women keep the body at a pleasant temperature without sweating. This online lingerie boutique offers warm underwear in a variety of colors (white, black, flesh-toned) to go unnoticed under any outfit. Discover our other departments

Underwear for every season

When the mercury drops, we think back to the fundamental layer that preserves body heat: underwear. They're the guarded secret of every wardrobe, that first soft, comforting touch against the skin. Choosing the right thermal underwear means guaranteeing comfort and warmth all day long, without compromising elegance. Imagine the typical scenario: a chilly day at the office, juggling overheated spaces and outdoor meetings. Here, thermal swimwear and long-sleeved T-shirts steal the show. There's nothing more unpleasant than shivering during an important meeting, is there? That's why fine merino wool jerseys slip easily under any garment. Breathable, this special textile is appreciated for its amazing ability to regulate temperature.

A Palette of Warmth

What would a good clothing assortment be without a range of colors and styles? From men's long johns to women's turtlenecks, in classic black or more daring colors, the choice is vast to face the cold with panache. The happy marriage of technicality and aesthetics now transforms the thermal tee or collar into a veritable fashion asset. Testimonials abound: "To try it is to adopt it! It's no longer just protection against the cold; it's an accessory that can be worn proudly, displayed at the bend of a collar or sleeve, adding an assertive stylistic touch.

Vive le Confort Quotidien

There's no need to use a polar expedition as an excuse to turn to thermal clothing; everyday life itself is the perfect adventure for this innovative second skin. An impromptu stroll after dinner with friends? Thermal is there. The unexpected outdoor game? Ready for the ovation, without the shiver. With cuts designed to fit the body perfectly, thermal underwear is a discreet but essential companion, a constant confidant who promises insulation and flexibility. There's nothing like it to transform routine activities into pleasant moments, where well-being becomes the norm. At La Redoute, we've made the choice to celebrate everyday life by staying warm, without sacrificing elegance or well-being.
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