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A cap for every look!

Are you in the mood for glamour? Urban? Sporty? Relaxed? Whatever your style of the day, wear it from head to toe, and match it with a women's cap! A hat not only completes your outfit, it also provides effective protection from the sun. The special feature of the women's cap is the eye protection tab. Ideal for all ages, activities and styles. For sportswomen, the classic women's cap is available in a wide range of models. New Era women's caps, for example, come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are adjustable at the back to fit all heads. For Sundays in the country, make a statement with the beige Ruban Sina straw cap from Baisers Sales. This very feminine women's cap has all the advantages of a cap combined with the elegance of a hat. Other caps are ideal for all your city outings. Women's fleece caps from Allée Du Foulard, to name but a few, are the perfect accompaniment to your city outfits, especially as they come in a range of colors, including white, red, navy blue and gray. To your caps!
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