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Men's trench coat

With the legendary trench coat, you're assured of a Humphrey Boggart-esque, free-spirited look. Often fitted with a belt, this long, light-colored waterproof jacket provides a chic, retro look worthy of 50s film noir. Pair it with dress shoes, tergal pants and a plain shirt for an understated yet casual look. For a more casual look, try the men's raincoat with fashionable leather sneakers, a plaid shirt or a wool sweater, for example.

Timeless elegance with the men's trench coat

Looking for a coat that's both classic and chic? Discover our selection of men's trench coats, the ideal mid-season companion. Versatile and timeless, the trench coat has a sleek design and an undeniably modern style. Forget the mid-season jacket that's too light or the winter coat that's too heavy, the trench coat is a sure bet. With straight cuts and meticulously crafted finishes, our trench coats give everyone the freedom to create their own personalized look, whether in the sobriety of timeless black or the originality of a distinctive design.

Waterproof for any situation

The trench coat has the allure of a gentleman and the functionality of a seasoned raincoat. It's a charming way to face the vagaries of the weather in style. Glow in the showers, thanks to hard-wearing fabric and meticulous tailoring for optimum protection. Incorporating functional details such as a removable lining and practical pockets, the trench coat is designed for a dynamic life, always on the move. Whether on a business trip or a casual outing, choose peace of mind with a coat made to last.

Price and quality for every style

La Redoute is committed to offering trench coats and overcoats to suit all budgets without compromising on quality. Our prices reflect the precision of our craftsmanship and the refinement of our materials, such as premium wool for cooler days. Detailed information on each item is designed to help you make your choice, with full transparency on materials and care instructions. Find the trench coat that's right for you, at the right price, and let yourself be seduced by this emblematic coat that crosses seasons and trends with impeccable allure.
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