Long pyjamas

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Men's long pyjamas: a growing trend

Feeling good at home means wearing comfortable clothes, even at bedtime or when getting out of bed. Men's pyjamas, in their long version, become a real piece of homewear, combining comfort and aesthetics. Long pyjamas are your best ally for a cozy, comfortable night's sleep. Play with trends by mixing your plain pyjama bottoms with a striped or patterned top. You can opt for a very comfortable, lightweight jogger style by mixing a pair of jogger-like bottoms with either a long-sleeved Tunisian-style top or a simple short-sleeved t-shirt of your choice. Lightweight jersey pyjama bottoms, worn with a smiley face or Simpson t-shirt, will give you a relaxed look and a comfortable way to go to bed.

Men's long pyjamas are a standard in men's wardrobes

Sleepwear has become a standard in men's wardrobes, adapting to every style and every desire. Our range of men's long pyjamas offers a wide choice of colors, materials and styles, from classic to chic. The traditional cotton long pyjama, with plain or striped pants and a matching button-down jacket, always looks chic and sober at the same time. Whether in cotton, polyester or velvet, long pyjamas guarantee men's comfort above all else, with a flat elasticated waistband and a fitted thigh-high cut. Whether you're a man looking for a trendy pair of long pyjamas, or a woman looking for a cozy gift for your sweetie, our selection of men's long pyjamas is sure to satisfy your every wish.
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