Men's Pyjamas

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Choosing pyjamas for men

To find the perfect pajamas for your man, just ask yourself two questions. If he's the kind of man who rolls up his sleeves, there's no need to buy him long-arm pyjamas. Instead, opt for a t-shirt and shorts combo, more comfortable for dynamic men. Does he like to spend his evenings in front of the TV or PC? Long, loose-fitting men's pyjamas are just the thing. And why not a matching pair of men's pyjamas for the little gentlemen who are about to become dads?

Comfort and Elegance in Men's Pyjamas at La Redoute

Sleep is sacred! And for nights of absolute softness, La Redoute's men's pyjamas are the ideal nighttime ensemble. With our varied and stylish selection, discover how to combine sophistication, comfort and versatility in our nightwear. Sleep in unrivalled comfort thanks to our cotton pyjamas. A breathable material par excellence, cotton offers a sensation of natural softness. Our men's cotton pyjamas, priced as softly as the material, are designed to guarantee peaceful nights.

Details that make all the difference

Our pyjamas come in a variety of styles with long or short sleeves, depending on the season and your preferences. Attention to detail is evident in the choice of collars - round, V-shaped or shirt collars - which add a touch of elegance even during the night. Pyjama pants, often featuring an elastic waistband, ensure a perfect fit for all sizes.

Variety of styles and sizes

Whether you're looking for pyjashorts for summer nights or fleece pyjamas for winter, our diverse range has something for everyone. Colors and patterns are meticulously chosen to appeal to all personalities, from classic to modern designs. At the heart of our collection is the Eminence line, synonymous with superior quality. Eminence pyjamas are made with particular attention to material, fit and comfort. Choose an Eminence and enjoy sleepwear that stands the test of time with elegance. Our sleepwear isn't just for bedtime; it's for all the different activities around the house. Make the most of the weekend by lounging in style in your pyjama set, whether it's designed in lightweight cotton for relaxing moments, or in cozy fleece for cooler mornings. Finally, the men's pajama collection at La Redoute offers not only exceptional comfort and timeless style, but also garments to suit every body type and every need. Choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and colors to find the pajamas that suit you. Make your nights a moment of pure pleasure by wrapping yourself in the quality and elegance of our La Redoute pyjamas.
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