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A good pair of shoes for your teenager

Your teenager is growing at the speed of light. As with his clothes, he needs a new pair of shoes several times a year. Find what you're looking for in our selection of boys' shoes: sneakers, scratch or lace-up, canvas high-tops, high-tops or flats, derbies, moccasins, boots, ankle boots and even sandals for summer. Sizes range from 26 to 40, for boys aged 10 to 16. It's important for your teenager to find good, comfortable shoes that will allow him to have fun and go about his business while staying on the cutting edge of fashion! Whether they're sporty or not, in middle school or high school, they'll be able to go anywhere thanks to their good shoes, and do the four hundred tricks with their friends! Whether for sport or everyday wear, there's sure to be a pair to suit your teen.

The right shoes for your teen, whatever their profile

Invite him to your shopping session and let him choose the model he likes best. Show him all the boys' shoes we have to offer. Perhaps he has a favorite brand or is open to new discoveries? Use our filters to make your choice more quickly: by shoe type, size, brand, color, material (leather, synthetic, textile), closure (lace, velcro, slip-on or elastic). Take advantage of our attractive prices all year round and save time with your online shopping, avoiding the hassle of last-minute shopping in stores. All you have to do is choose and agree. That way, shopping trips are no longer a source of anxiety and impatience, and become a real pleasure. All you have to do is wait for the letter carrier!
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