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Choose the right evening dress for the occasion

Cocktails, weddings, christenings, birthdays, New Year's Eve... you'll need to find the right evening dress for the occasion! How do you choose the right dress for your body type and the season? And how to complete your outfit without making a faux-pas? We tell you all about it.

Find a summer evening dress

Invitation season is upon us, and you want to shine in a beautiful summer evening gown. Summer is all about comfort and lightness: chiffon and thin straps are your best allies. Do you have a slim figure? Choose a short cocktail dress with pleats to create volume. If you have a small bust, you can opt for a strapless dress that will show off your delicate shoulders. If, on the other hand, your body type is more generous, opt for a long, flowing dress that will enhance your décolleté with a V-neckline. Go for bright colors, graphic prints and patterns.

What dress to wear for a ceremony?

Invited to a wedding ceremony? Whether you're a bridesmaid or just a guest, you'll need to find the perfect evening gown. If you've got a luscious figure, go for an empire dress. This model will enhance your bust with a plunging neckline and a pretty neckline. Short or long, it'll accentuate your assets. If your figure is slim and long, opt for a sheath dress!
Our advice: choose noble materials (silk, lace) and keep in mind that white is reserved for the bride!

What accessories should I choose for my evening dress?

Accessories are just as important as the choice of evening dress! They'll add pizzazz and sublimate your outfit. If you've opted for a little black dress, choose colored stones or fancy charms to make it more original. If, on the other hand, you're wearing a colorful outfit, opt for a delicate black velvet choker. And long dresses can be accessorized with long necklaces, which you'll want to pile on! Carried by hand, opt for a sophisticated clutch that will hold your essentials without being bulky. On your feet, opt for heeled shoes to maintain that festive look: strappy, wide or pumps... Bear in mind that you'll certainly be dancing or standing, so you might as well choose comfortable ones.
Finally, accessorize with a hat or headband.

Let's take a look at the different colors, to help you make the right choice.

The golden coat

Whatever the theme or type of ceremony, the gold dress is sure to cause a sensation. Ideal for a chic wedding or a festive evening, this gala dress will enhance your silhouette, while setting you apart from the famous little black dress. Short, mid-length or long, there's a multitude of golden dresses to choose from. For a daytime event, opt for a dress that cinches at the waist, has short sleeves and reaches to the knees. For evening events, you can play with lengths with a long flowing dress or a short flared dress for an all-round elegant touch.

Black or white dress

A black or white dress is a wise and fearless choice. The little black dress will suit any occasion, while the white dress can be worn to a variety of events to dazzle your guests and your other half. Avoid wearing it to a wedding, however, as it may upset the bride! A plain color allows you to accessorize your look with costume jewelry, a sequined or printed clutch, not to mention wedge or stiletto heels.
The cut of the ceremony dress is just as important. Don't forget to "reveal" only part of your body, with a short, low-cut dress to show off your legs, or a long dress with a pretty V-neck for feminine cleavage.

The pastel dress

Pastel dresses are a sure bet. Often chosen for a ceremony dress, the pastel dress is the ideal ally for bridesmaids. Perfect for vintage, bohemian and chic weddings, pastel colors add a touch of softness to your look while staying on trend. Yellow, peach, pink, parma... all colors are possible, as long as they remain light and uncluttered. On sunny days, this type of dress can also become a cocktail dress, to break the codes of black or dark dresses for evening events.

The dress in primary colors

For a colorful dress, opt for primary colors! A red, yellow or blue dress can be a smart way to stand out and always look on-trend. Plain or printed, this festive dress adds pizzazz to your outfit, and can be worn day or night.
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