Girls Shorts

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Girls' shorts for summer and winter alike

Young girls can wear shorts for a stylish, casual look. Denim shorts, striped Bermuda shorts, bubble shorts combined with opaque tights and a pair of boots: teen fashion is following the trend in women's ready-to-wear. A wide variety of materials and colors to let little girls' and teens' imaginations run wild. It's so cool to dress like a grown-up!

Discover the Colorful Charm of Girls' Shorts and Bermuda Shorts

When the temperature rises, there's nothing like comfortable shorts or trendy Bermuda shorts to combine coolness and style. La Redoute invites you to browse through a collection of elegant designs and impeccable cuts, specially designed for dynamic, stylish girls. From shades of pink to pigments of denim blue, every child will find her favorite color to express her personal style.

A Variety of Fabrics for Every Taste

The choice of fabric is essential for combining comfort and fashion. Whether it's soft cotton perfect for school days or lightweight linen ideal for an outdoor outing, our selection favors softness and suppleness. For a more sophisticated look, velvet accents add a chic touch to every outfit. And let's not forget the essential denim shorts, sturdy and timeless, which go with everything and stand up to the adventures of everyday life.

Styles and Sizes for Every Girl

Finding the right size is no longer a chore, thanks to our intuitive guide that accompanies every item. Discover shorts and Bermudas designed in every shape and form, from classic cuts to sparkling confetti styles to brighten up any day. Each assortment has its own unique character - a palette that reflects the diversity of tastes to make every girl feel special. And, because the pleasure of wearing new clothes doesn't have to mean a big budget, La Redo