Girls Dresses

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Dress for girls from 3 to 18 years old

A collection of clothes for mischievous, flirtatious little girls to play with and get into mischief. Cotton dresses, twirling skirts, little dresses with flowers, polka dots or gingham motifs: a fashionable and comfortable outfit for all seasons and all occasions. Complement with a little cardigan and fancy wool tights.

Softness and Comfort: dresses that rhyme with everyday life

What little girl doesn't dream of adorning herself in a pretty dress to feel unique? La Redoute offers an irresistible range of girls' dresses that combine comfort and style, specially designed to accompany young princesses in their hectic daily lives. With fabrics that are soft to the touch and non-irritating, each piece is carefully chosen to respect the sensitivity of children's delicate skin. From the lightweight cotton dress, perfect for running and playing, to the comfortable sweater dress for cooler days, well-being is at the heart of our concerns.

Quality and Resistance: Clothing Designed to Last

La Redoute knows that dresses have to be tough to cope with little girls' boundless energy. That's why the emphasis is on textile durability and manufacturing quality to ensure that dresses retain their vibrant colors and shapes, wash after wash. Parents will appreciate the ease of care, with garments that are easy to wash and stain-resistant, essential assets for simplifying everyday life without sacrificing elegance.

Style and Trends: Affordable and Contemporary Children's Fashion

Browse through a collection to suit every mood, from on-trend pastel hues to floral prints that breathe joie de vivre. With a variety of sleeves, collars and skirts, from tulle dresses for birthdays to velvet dresses for special occasions, each product boasts unique, modern details. Not forgetting the touch of pink that always makes young girls' eyes sparkle. The multitude of styles means that children can easily find a dress to suit every event, whether it's a school day or a family outing. These dresses offer value for money, making the latest trends accessible to all.
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