Girls Pyjamas & Nightwear

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Soft pyjamas for girls

After a bath or while waiting for an evening story, little girls love to slip into cozy pyjamas. In velvet, flannel or cotton, a nightdress and robe promise a soft night's sleep. And let's not forget the mythical romper, so comfortable and practical to wear. And to please the trendiest moms, the romper comes in the colors of little girls' favorite heroines: Little Petshop and Hello Kitty.

Douce Nuit en Pyjama: Discover the Collection for Your Little Star

Dear parents, the night is an enchanted world where your little girls transform into the princesses of their dreams. To accompany them on these nocturnal journeys, comfortable pyjamas and a soft nightdress are essential. La Redoute, always attentive to your needs, offers a collection of pyjamas and nightgowns for girls that combine style, comfort and durability - perfect for your child's vibrant daily routine. A good night's sleep starts with the right pajamas. Our range of girls' pyjamas comes in a variety of colors, including many little ones' favorite pink, with playful prints that stimulate the imagination. Made from high-quality cotton, they ensure a peaceful night's sleep thanks to their softness. And best of all, our pyjamas are easy-care, so they stand up to washing without losing their shine. As safety is our top priority, our products are designed without buttons that could come off, and with openings designed for easy dressing. Size after size, our pyjamas grow with your child, maintaining their shape and comfort.

Chemises de Nuit: A World of Softness

When night comes, wrap your daughter in one of our nightgowns. With long sleeves for cooler nights or short sleeves for summer evenings, they're the perfect setting for your child's dreams. From enchanting patterns to fairy-tale characters, every piece in our collection is an invitation to night-time adventure.

A Paradise of Fabrics: Cotton, Velvet and More

At La Redoute, we believe that the choice of materials is fundamental. That's why we've selected fabrics that respect your child's sensitive skin. Cotton, in particular, is omnipresent in our collections, providing an unequalled feeling of comfort and optimal ventilation. For winter nights, opt for velvet pyjamas - soft and warm, they're the ideal companion for cocooning evenings. Price and ease of purchase are at the heart of your concerns. We're committed to offering competitive prices without compromising quality. What's more, our fast, efficient delivery service ensures that night-time dreams are never interrupted by a long wait.

Growth, creativity and exclusive collections

In every part of this exclusive collection, we celebrate the growth and creativity of today's children. Sizes range from toddler to teenager, ensuring that every child finds the perfect pajamas or nightdress. At the end of the day, La Redoute pyjamas and nightdresses are not just clothes; they are companions for every night, catalyzing dreams and comforting memories. It's this joy and creativity that we weave into each of our pieces, reflecting the joyful, inventive spirit of our brand. Let your children express their personalities even through their sleepwear, and watch them grow and blossom in the comfort and style they deserve.