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A real trend in interior design, the bar stool is a must-have for contemporary kitchens. Shape, size, color: our advice on the best choice.

Design your kitchen with a bar stool

Placed in front of an island or counter, the bar stool adds character to your kitchen. Its practical shape guarantees optimum comfort. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, this retro seating unit adapts to all types of interiors. To create a simple yet original dining area, you can also combine the bar stool with a standing table. High barstools are ideal if your counter or table is over 1 meter high.

How to choose a bar stool

  • - If you have children and/or intend to use your stools on a daily basis, opt for a model with a small backrest for greater stability.
  • - For even greater seating comfort, you'll find upholstered models.
  • - For smaller rooms, there are folding models that are easy to store. This means you can pull out your stools only at mealtimes, or to welcome guests. Combined with a retractable high table, these folding stools are a real space-saver.
  • - Backless stools are equally practical, sliding under the table when not in use.

For a comfortable position, we recommend choosing a bar stool with a seat approximately 30 - 35 cm from the top edge of the table or counter. For greater flexibility, opt for a height-adjustable model. You'll be sure to get the right size stool.

What style for your bar stool?

Generally speaking, the color and material of your stool will depend on the atmosphere of your room.
  • - Sleek and stylish, the bar stool in metal or lacquered white blends perfectly into a contemporary interior.
  • - For a modern kitchen, you can also choose a model with a wide chrome-plated steel base topped by a colorful imitation leather seat.
  • - A fan of industrial style, let yourself be seduced by a chrome-plated steel structure.
  • - Elegant, the acacia wood stool lends a colonial style to a more traditional decor.
  • - With their vintage touch, vintage furniture is perfect for a bistro-style kitchen.

To brighten up your room, especially if it's small, opt for pop colors like sky blue, orange or yellow.

The bar stool, a decorative and convivial accessory

The bar stool is the essential accessory for your bar. It is both a decorative object and a functional tool. Around a drink, it brings comfort and conviviality. The purchase of a bar stool should therefore be accompanied by an idea of the general look you want to give to your bar area. Depending on your needs, different models are available. We've paid particular attention to style. So we present you with a range of design stools, both original and based on the great standards of interior design.

Although white barstools are very popular, we offer over 15 different colors. Every mood is represented. In its snack stool version, its purpose is quite different: it must be practical and, above all, easy to clean. Some of our stools are adjustable. They adapt to all sizes of bar and high table.
Our range of barstools deliberately offers a wide choice of products. Whether you're looking for a plush, retro, traditional or refined ambience. For each theme, we've selected designer barstools in a wide range of versions. In particular, La Redoute Intérieurs barstools have been designed to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Their original design and irreproachable manufacturing quality give you the assurance of choosing the right bar stools.

Another important point is the seat. For each model, it's very different. If you want maximum comfort, opt for bar stools with backrests, so you can re-discover the world for hours on end, comfortably seated. Finally, the most commonly used materials are steel, aluminum, wood and PVC. The manufacturers we have selected guarantee quality and comfort. Now all you have to do is sit back!
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