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Convertible fireside chair

This extra bed replaces a BZ bed, a sofa bed or even an inflatable mattress. Available as a sofa (2-seater) or an armchair (1-seater), this ready-to-use bed is ideal for inviting friends to sleep over after a night of drinking. Comfortable and stylish, the convertible heater comes in a wide range of fabric cover colors.

The chauffeuse is a chair or small seat with a very low back. It was already widely used in the 19th century, especially for children. It was often placed near the fireplace, to warm up by the fire without having to bend over, hence its name. Still very popular in today's homes, the heater has also been brought up to date.

How to choose the right heater?

While there are many different types of material for the chaise longue, it's generally a kind of fabric-covered sofa. The frame can be made of wood or metal. The structure is covered with foam. The density of the foam per cm3 is important, as it determines the comfort of the seat, whether you're sitting or lying down. The cover should be removable for reasons of hygiene and practicality. Of course, if you're planning a sofa that converts into a bed, make sure that the mattress folds away easily and that the dimensions of the sofa, open and closed, match the space available in the room.

The convertible sofa, a really good idea

A friend invites himself to sleep over, your children's cousins offer to spend the night at your place, and before you know it you're running out of room! The convertible sofa can provide a comfortable extra bed. When unfolded, it can be transformed into a single or double bed for occasional sleepers. When folded, it brings a touch of design and modernity to any room in the house. In the living room, for example, it can easily take the place of a child's armchair.

Where to place your heater in the home?

This product is a real little all-purpose sofa. It can be placed in a bedroom, especially a child's room, to create a little reading corner during the day and a sleeping space for a friend at night. They can be adapted to any type of living room, from the most conventional to the most avant-garde. The upholstery is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can create your own personalized ambience and decor. Thanks to its modest size, the chauffeuse is ideal for small spaces.

Small chair, big benefits

The chaise longue is more than just an armchair. A designer, decorative and practical piece of furniture, it is modular, which means it can find its place whatever the space available in an apartment, and blend in with the decor. It offers a cozy, warm space around which to relax, read a book or watch a good TV series. It also provides extra sleeping space when needed. What's more, its low seat will be much appreciated by the little ones, and for the older ones, it relieves back pain as it avoids bending in half. Available at all price points, this is a very affordable chair.

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