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The key to a well-ordered home is tidiness! Aesthetics may be important for the interior, but there are other features to consider for the exterior. Whether XXL or small, on a covered terrace or exposed to the elements, outdoor furniture will help you keep your home tidy.

How to furnish and store your outdoor terrace?

It all depends on what you want to do. If you like to garden in your spare time, low storage lockers are ideal for gardening tools and flower pots. These accessories are not intended to be aesthetically pleasing, so they can be hidden away. Shelves, on the other hand, are ideal for showcasing a mini-greenhouse or vases. Add a swing or a colorful hammock for those lazy siesta hours.

Outdoor storage that blends in with the décor

If you have a terrace with a large surface area, you can incorporate outdoor storage boxes in anthracite resin. This choice of color allows you to display these accessories without invading the visual field. In fact, you'll certainly want to enhance your space with garden furniture, a pouffe or a striped floor mattress to create a seaside atmosphere.

Small accessories such as the garden vegetable garden or the bistro table with folding chairs will also reveal their charms. For enclosed spaces, you can store a number of cushions or plaids under cover. If you're short on space, add a 120-liter garden box, for example. This will keep all your equipment safe during bad weather. This type of outdoor box is designed for both humidity and UV rays. You can transfer it to a less windy location, and open it in complete safety thanks to a system of gas struts that stabilizes the open lid.

Do exterior storage units need to be watertight?

The first step is to ensure that your garden furniture can be protected during the winter. Equip yourself with a cupboard or garden shed to store your teak bench or rolling storage box. Similarly, pergolas can be used to secure your industrial metal garden furniture from being left outside. Even if your cushions are water-repellent, humidity won't spare them from mildew and bird droppings. Your garden tools can also rust if you accidentally forget them on your terrace. This is a good reason to store them during the off-season. In addition, waterproof protective covers for garden furniture are available in various sizes.

Tidy outdoor storage

The aesthetic appeal of a terrace or balcony is immediately appealing. Once summer arrives, you'll want to make the most of this haven of peace. So you need to optimize it to save square meters. Thanks to a well thought-out layout, you'll be able to store your accessories while preserving the harmony of the outdoors. For example, an extendable garden sofa lets you make the most of the space to welcome your nearest and dearest at weekends.

Don't forget to mix materials with colors to give your garden, terrace or balcony a more stylish look.

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