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Garden furniture, the other room in the heart of nature

A characteristic extension of the home, the garden has always been the focus of special attention. The primary aim is to make it a pleasant place to live. Increasingly customizable, its design is unique to each individual. At the heart of this space is the garden furniture. It brings rest and well-being in the heart of nature. Buying garden furniture is no mean feat, and the choice is crucial. Every detail counts. La Redoute has selected a complete range of outdoor furniture. Find all the elements you need to create a designer garden lounge. And, match at will all the collections of garden tables, garden armchairs and chairs and garden trunks we offer. Whether you're looking for a metal folding chair, an outdoor table and chair set or a plush chaise longue, discover our essentials. As the centerpiece of a garden lounge, the garden sofa must be chosen with care. Depending on your available space and your desires, create a cosy nest in the heart of your garden. You have two choices. Either design your own custom-made garden furniture. You'll benefit from the multitude of models and materials we offer. A guarantee of quality and longevity, our wooden garden furniture is made from hard-wearing species such as pine, spruce and rattan. Another option is to choose a garden furniture set. This solution ensures the perfect marriage of colors and shapes. We've selected some of the world's leading manufacturers for a dreamlike experience in a privileged setting. Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is sit back and watch the leaves sway in the wind.

There's nothing like garden furniture to make the most of the warm weather or your terrace! It must be adapted to the space available and to the use of the whole family. Made of wood, metal or resin, garden furniture is first and foremost a place to relax and enjoy the spring and summer atmosphere, but it must also be weather-resistant and easy to maintain!

The right garden furniture for my outdoor space

Outdoor furniture has been adapted to suit all lifestyles: in the city, on a terrace or balcony, garden furniture adopts a minimalist approach to guarantee comfort and space-saving, while owners of a vast garden or country plot can give more space to their outdoor furniture. In this way, the balance between outdoor space and garden furniture and accessories is maintained:
  • - For small spaces: Choose low garden furniture and small folding garden tables and chairs, which are easy to put away in the evening. You can also opt for modular elements and nesting furniture to save extra space.
  • - On a generously-sized terrace: you can create a real outdoor dining area, with a large garden table and comfortable armchairs.
  • - For outdoor spaces: You can complement your dining table with a garden lounge for aperitifs, with a garden sofa, a few armchairs and a coffee table.

Wood, metal, resin...: outdoor materials in the spotlight for your garden furniture

There are two watchwords when it comes to choosing the material for your garden furniture: durability and ease of maintenance! You can choose from a wide range of materials, which can be combined to create a trendy and practical ensemble:
  • - Wooden garden furniture: Noble, warm and timeless, wood offers a whole world in itself. Exotic, rot-proof and elegant species are among the favorites for outdoor furniture, but you can also choose from local species (pine, fir, oak) in a variety of colors, treated to withstand all kinds of weather.
  • - Metal garden furniture: Wrought iron, aluminum and epoxy steel are among the trendiest materials for garden furniture. We like aluminum for its lightness and ease of maintenance, and wrought iron for its unfailing elegance. Epoxy steel is very contemporary, with a coat of paint for corrosion resistance.
  • - Plastic garden furniture: Lightweight, easy-care, hard-wearing and available in countless colors, plastic is a sure bet for outdoor furniture. Woven, injected or plastic resin is one of today's hottest trends. We choose it for its solidity and ability to adapt to all styles.

The right accessories for my garden furniture

When it comes to comfortable, easy-to-live-in garden furniture, it's the details that make all the difference! Think of the accessories that will enable you to live from morning to night in your outdoor space when the sun comes out: cushions for your armchairs, a heated parasol for cooler nights, a wheeled sideboard, a storage box, or even a shade sail when the sun is at its zenith! You can also add an arbour, pergola or terrace awning. And when the rainy days come, don't hesitate to buy a cover to protect your living room. Comfortably installed in your garden chair, it's time to take full advantage of your garden furniture, the key piece for enjoying your outdoor spaces. See the range of garden furniture available in our store.
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