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This summer, lounging is guaranteed with a sun lounger, hammock or chilienne!

Usually in white PVC or wood, this chaise longue features a reclining backrest and a cozy, quilted cushion. Easy to store, this outdoor bench has wheels for easy transport to the terrace, yard or poolside. For minimal space requirements in the garden shed, this model of beach chair folds away easily. And for lounging in the sun or napping in the shade of a tree, there's nothing like a hammock or a chilienne. As soon as the first rays appear, farniente fans are invited to bring out their sunbathing equipment and lounge in the garden. Folding loungers or fixed, in wood or metal, there are many models to choose from, depending on the use you wish to make of them. Wooden garden furniture is highly appreciated for its sturdiness. A chaise longue in tech or acacia, in addition to being comfortable, will add style to your garden with its characteristic charm. Adventurers will prefer the chaise longue called a chilienne: light and practical, the chilienne is easy to carry from the balcony to the beach. What's more, the canvas is very comfortable for reading a good book, and comes in a range of colors to suit every taste. Visit aluminum deckchairs have the advantage of being ultra-resistant and lighter. Their design is both sober and modern, and maintenance is simple. To make the most of your chaise longueFor those cool summer evenings, we recommend adding a few accessories such as cushions or plaids. You'll be well equipped to spend some time basking in the sun.

Enjoying the sun is always a pleasure. So why not sit back and soak up the sun from the comfort of your own garden, terrace or poolside? And what could be better than a deckchair? But even before finding the best position, it's important to choose the right deckchair for lazing around for hours on end.

The perfect chaise longue for your well-being

There are several criteria to consider before buying the perfect deckchair furniture.

Everyone wants a chaise longue first and foremost for the comfort it offers. This is the first criterion to check. Because no one is comfortable in the same position, a multi-position model is an excellent idea for adapting the seat to your needs.

The fabric of the canvas is also very important. The fabric must be able to withstand humidity, UV rays and fading. After all, deckchairs are made for sunbathing. Textilene or batyline are preferred for long-lasting seating. If you don't like the heat, textilene is perfect. In fact, it's perforated for better air circulation.

The material of which the structure is made is also of great importance. Wood offers a beautiful, characteristic appearance. It's best to choose treated wood to ensure long-lasting durability. You can also opt for hard-wearing wood species such as teak or acacia, which are very much in vogue. It comes in light or dark shades, or can be painted for a more contemporary or original look.

Aluminum is ideal for a structure that's both light (and therefore easy to move) and strong. This metal stands the test of time: it doesn't rust, and it's safe. It is available in lacquered or painted finishes for a highly contemporary look.

Woven resin is a synthetic material that imitates rattan to perfection. It is highly resistant to UV, humidity and heat.

You can also find deckchairs in PVC or stainless steel. Stainless steel is generally reserved for top-of-the-range deckchairs. Particularly resistant, it will remain impeccable over the years. PVC remains a good choice if you don't want a luxury deckchair. Easy to clean and sturdy, this material remains a good choice in the entry-level price range. Today, there are some very original ones available in flamboyant shades to add color to your garden.

Other important details

The shape and dimensions of your chair should also be taken into account. If you don't have a large space in which to install your garden equipment, it's best to opt for a smaller model.

The flat-back deckchair is ideal for those who like to lie flat. Wave models, on the other hand, offer an S-shaped seat that hugs the curves perfectly, providing practical comfort for anyone with a sore back.

The presence of a headrest can also make a difference. Some loungers have fixed headrests, others are removable. If you need to rest your head and neck on the headrest every time, you may choose the former.

If you need to install several deckchairs, it can be very useful to choose stackable models to store them more easily. Are you planning to move your chair to follow the sun as the day progresses? Then a model with castors may be just what you're looking for. Like to carry a glass of fresh water with you? Then opt for a model with a shelf for your drink, sunglasses or book.

Do you use your tablet on your chaise longue? Choose a chaise longue with integrated sunshade. You can adjust the sunshade to suit your needs and the time of day. It's also a great idea for keeping things cool.

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