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On average, we spend 25 years of our lives sleeping. Knowing these figures, it's easy to understand why it's so important to choose quality bedding and accessories. But what about pillows, and how do you choose the best one for a good night's sleep?

Why choose a practical pillow?

Long considered a purely therapeutic accessory, reserved for people suffering from particular ailments, the practical pillow has gradually become more democratic and widespread in French bedrooms.

While today you can find practical pillows to suit every budget, it's important to consider your particular needs when choosing the one that's right for you.

By investing in a practical, quality pillow, you can be sure of a restful night's sleep, thanks in particular to its filling and shape.

Innovative shapes

When choosing a pillow, it's worth asking yourself what shape you prefer it to be. While in Europe, and France in particular, we're very attached to the square shape of pillows, in the rest of the world it's not necessarily the same thing. So, if you've ever traveled, you may have noticed that in some foreign hotels, pillows tend to be rectangular in shape.

If either is the case, the important thing for you is to know which pillow shape you prefer. For example, if you really do suffer from back or neck pain, a rectangular pillow will certainly be the most advantageous option for you. Indeed, its specific shape allows you to be in a position that best supports your spine by aligning your neck, shoulders and back.

You can also find pillows in other shapes, such as clouds. Not only are these pillows highly aesthetic and original, they also take up very little space, allowing you to position yourself in the way you prefer to spend your night.

Choosing the best materials

Whatever your needs, you'll find the right pillow to accompany you throughout the night, for a restful night's sleep.

Practical pillows are available in a multitude of materials, both for the cover and the filling.

One of the most popular choices is memory foam. This takes the shape of the person lying on the pillow, providing unrivalled, personalized comfort, while returning to its original shape when not in use. You also have the option of choosing a latex, characteristic or synthetic filling. Latex is highly breathable and thermoregulatory, providing comfort throughout the night.

Finally, if you have a preference for more traditional materials, you can also find practical pillows with feather or down fillings, for a little extra softness.

Some pillows are treated against dust mites, offering protection for sensitive individuals, especially the youngest.

The practical pillow has made a name for itself in French homes, and is suitable for all budgets. Find a wide choice of pillows to help you find the best ally for your nights.

Your choice of pillow has a considerable impact on your health.

On average, we spend a third of our lives lying down, resting or sleeping. As a back and neck support accessory, the pillow ensures good ergonomics, stimulating relaxation and blood circulation. Allergies can also be combated with a quality anti-dust mite pillow. Dust mites are kept at bay and no longer spoil a good night's sleep.
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