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The sideboard: a highly decorative and practical piece of occasional furniture

The sideboard is both practical and decorative. It's the ideal solution when you want more storage space without radically transforming the interior layout of your kitchen or bathroom. The sideboard offers all the advantages of a small storage unit, optimizing space while adding a trendy touch to your interior. Our wide range of sideboards gives you a choice of wooden or metal ones to match your interior. Models with multi-directional castors will appeal to fans of design and practical equipment, and will quickly adopt the sideboard as a small table on wheels to easily transport breakfast from the kitchen to the living room. From the simplest sideboard to those equipped with multiple shelves and even bottle holders, this trolley offers ample storage volume while taking up a minimum of space.

Kitchen or bathroom sideboard: gain storage space in your home

The kitchen and bathroom are two spaces where you spend a lot of time, and where you especially feel you lack storage space. Give yourself real extra storage space by choosing a sideboard from our selection. Your powder room will see its space optimized with a beautiful metal sideboard embellished with baskets or drawers to store all your small beauty accessories. Short of space in your kitchen to install a new worktop and cupboards? Choose a kitchen sideboard adapted to your needs, with a tray that serves as a work surface, and several levels of storage to keep everything within easy reach. Whether your kitchen is modern or classic, you'll find the perfect sideboard for your home among the different models available in metal, wood or even bamboo.

The bathroom is the ultimate place for well-being, relaxation and hygiene. It contains all kinds of beauty products, from face and body creams to shower gels and soaps. Even if you adopt a minimalist approach to your beauty products, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the number of vials, jars and bottles. That's why we strongly recommend investing in a bathroom caddy.

What does a bathroom sideboard look like?

The bathroom sideboard generally takes the form of a small cart with several levels of shelving (at least 2). Often fitted with castors, this piece of furniture is easy to move around, and its small size means it can fit absolutely anywhere. So, in your bathroom, it gives you extra storage space, keeping your room practical and well-organized. The bathroom sideboard is available in all materials: wood, stainless steel, glass, and in all colors from white to black.

How to use it properly

The wheeled sideboard is very practical, as it can be transported effortlessly from one corner of the bathroom to another. It keeps the items you use every day close at hand. It keeps your bathroom clean, tidy and organized. When you take a bath, place a few towels in pretty wicker baskets on your sideboard and a few scented candles for a moment of pure relaxation. You can also leave it in a fixed place to store your make-up or hairdressing kit. Gentlemen will be delighted to be able to use the sideboard for beard and hair trimming accessories.

Where to place it?

Because it's mobile and practical, sideboards can be found just about anywhere in the home. In the kitchen, for fruit and vegetable storage, in the laundry room for laundry and clothes care, and sometimes even in the bedroom as a bedside table. In the bathroom, the sideboard is useful near the shower or bathtub for soaps and shampoos. Next to the basin, you can store guest towels, make-up products and perfumes. Between two pieces of furniture, the sideboard can be used to store bathroom cleaning products.

What style of sideboard should I choose to match my décor?

The advantage of the sideboard is that it's a versatile piece of furniture that can be adapted to suit every need. For a sober, uncluttered look, choose stainless steel, treated to resist humidity, or glass. The chrome look of stainless steel adds brightness and refinement. Wood is an excellent alternative for a warm, cozy bathroom. Finally, the plastic sideboard represents the best value for money. Very affordable, it blends in with all types of interior design.

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