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Tidy and organize with bathroom accessories

All the bathroom accessories on our shelves have been designed to save space and make storage easier. Laundry baskets and bins act as decorative elements, while at the same time making dressing and cleaning traces disappear in a hurry. And don't forget the little practical details: hooks, shower caddy, bath dryer, coat hanger, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, soap dish, etc. Storage ideas for every bathroom style: something for every taste.

They're called accessories, but they're indispensable in any bathroom. Well-chosen and in keeping with your ambience, they will enhance your decor and add a little extra character. Although they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: they're practical and useful. Thanks to them, there's no excuse to let yourself be overwhelmed by clutter. They are masters in the art of organization. Study your needs carefully before deciding, as there are a multitude of references to choose from. You're sure to find the one that makes your life easier and suits your style.

In tune with your world

If you're a fan of tranquil well-being and a zen-like ambience, you'll want to opt for characteristic, mineral materials. Objects made of pebble stone, ceramic, bamboo and teak work wonders in this context. They'll accentuate the Zen touch you're looking for. A few candles on the edge of the bathtub and you're ready to escape. For a more classic or retro feel, opt for glass and metal, or ceramic with a boudoir motif reminiscent of baths at the turn of the last century. For a more contemporary setting, stainless steel or unbreakable polyresin are ideal. The latter has the advantage of being available in a range of colors, including the trendy marble imitation. The choice available in the collection will help you find the shade that best matches your decor. To complete your ethnic or bohemian atmosphere, select hammered metal and add a characteristic fiber seat.

A master of tidying

We've got it all covered, starting with the soap dish, which can be placed on your washbasin or installed with a suction cup. It's often included in a set that also includes a tumbler, a soap dispenser or sometimes a toothbrush holder. Children are also catered for. Thanks to the pretty, colorful cups, they'll ask to brush their teeth themselves. Then, on or near the sink, you'll appreciate the tissue box, cotton and cotton bud jars. For added comfort, consider a bamboo grating for the shower. A stool, always useful for putting down a piece of clothing, and a towel rack for hanging or standing can complete the ensemble. Consider a shower rail and shelves, angled or straight, perfect for storing your beauty products. Finally, every woman will be delighted to be able to find her make-up and skincare utensils at a glance. Baskets with compartments and boxes are ideal for organizing your drawers. Lipsticks on one side, nail polish on the other and so on. Jewelry drawers are equally useful for organizing your belongings by color, for example. Last but not least, everything you need for the bathroom, including a toilet brush and paper towel, is available. Maintenance is essential, and the squeegee is the tool you need to keep your environment clean and healthy. And let's not forget the dustbin, which comes in handy every day.

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