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Designer cushion for bed and sofa

A few cushions here and there are enough to bring a relaxed atmosphere to the living room. Same thing in a student studio: 3 round or square cushions, and a single bed is transformed into a welcoming banquette. Modern or vintage, plain or floral: here, decorative cushions come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Cushions add a touch of personalization to any room in the house. Whether in the living room on your sofa or in the bedroom on your bed, cushions add the finishing touch to your interior design.

Cushions, the charm and comfort of your home

Cushions are more than just a decorative element. They give your living space a cozy, reassuring and warm feel. This accessory is one of the essential decorating elements. You'll find a wide range of colors, formats and materials in our catalog. Whatever your interior design style, you'll find the right cushions for the job. Plain, patterned or printed cushions. Cushions in cotton, linen, velvet or polyester. Square, rectangular, frilly or sequined cushions. There's something for every price and taste.

What fabric to choose for cushions?

Cushions look completely different depending on the fabric they're made from. A cotton or linen cushion will not give the same impression as a velvet cushion, which is generally shinier. Adapt the fabric of your cushions to the style of decoration of your room and to the other materials already present in your interior.

Choose your cushion fabric according to its use. If you're looking for cushions for your interior, or if you're looking for cushions to take outside on your garden furniture, you won't choose the same fabrics. Polyester cushions are ideal for outdoor use.

What color cushion to choose?

Before choosing the color of your cushion, you need to decide whether you want a plain or patterned cushion. The advantage of patterned cushions is that they are less susceptible to stains, which will be less noticeable. If you've got a plain sofa or a plain comforter cover, choosing patterned cushions makes the difference. But be careful not to tire of patterns.

Plain cushions are a safe bet. You can also vary the colors. Don't hesitate to mix several colors to avoid getting bored. Varying tones and colors will brighten up the decor of your living room or bedroom.

Opt for our cushion covers to change your decor without changing your cushions.

Already have cushions? Don't panic, you can buy cushion covers direct without having to buy new cushions. Cushion covers are ideal if you just want to change the style of your cushions without having to buy new ones or store your old ones. Buy cushion covers to give your interior design a new look at a lower cost.

Cushion covers are also very practical, as you can easily remove them for washing. If you have stained cushions that you'd rather not put through the washing machine, cushion covers are for you.

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