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Baby pillowcase: essential bed linen

Baby can be put to bed with a comforter and pillow without risk of suffocation from the age of 2. For optimum hygiene and sleeping comfort, opt for a removable baby pillow. Our home linen department offers pillowcases to complete your baby's bed linen. Teddy bears, stars and pastel shades: this baby bedding creates a cozy, reassuring universe in the nursery.

The baby pillowcase is a key decorative element in your child's bedroom. However, for your baby's safety, the presence of a pillow is strongly discouraged. But don't panic, you'll soon be able to buy your baby a pillowcase and matching bed linen - you just have to be patient!

At what age can your baby have his first pillow?

You're probably wondering whether a pillow is essential for your child's comfort and sleep. Your baby will spend the first few months of his life sleeping, so it's essential to secure his environment and banish any object that could prove a danger. From the age of 2, you can place a pillow in your child's bed.

Babies are fragile creatures who can't protect themselves on their own. They don't move very much, and can't grasp an object or push it away. This is why a pillow represents a danger for a newborn. It could hinder breathing, or even cause suffocation. Extra vigilance is therefore called for, and your baby should only be covered by a sleeping bag that's the right size for him.

Not for use in bed:

  • soft toys ;
  • sheet ;
  • comforter ;
  • cover, etc.

By following these few tips, you'll be protecting your child. He'll soon grow up to have his own pillow, just like the grown-ups!

What material and size should you choose for your child's pillowcase?

Now that your child has grown up and turned 2, you can buy him his first pillow. Opt for an extra-flat model so that his neck doesn't stretch out too much. In general, the shape is rectangular and the standard size is 40 cm x 60 cm.

Now it's time to choose your bed linen and pillowcase. Choose a pillowcase that fits snugly, so as not to annoy your baby with wrinkles. You can buy them in sets at very reasonable prices, so you can change them regularly. There are 2 sizes, depending on the pillow you choose:

  • 35 x 45 cm: square pillowcase ;
  • 40 x 60 cm: rectangular pillowcase.

To accompany and facilitate all your children's sweet dreams, opt for a soft, fluffy pillowcase. Even at 2 years of age, your baby is still fragile and sensitive to dust and dust mites.

The pillowcase is also a decorative element in your little one's bedroom, a lovely opportunity to complete his bed linen set. White is a great classic, but you can also opt for fun colors and patterns to amuse your little sleeper. In all cases, remember to harmonize all your bed linen for a cozy, welcoming little room.

Always remember to wash your pillowcase after home delivery or in-store purchase, as bacteria can still lodge in it.

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