Kids' Single Fitted Sheets

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Your child loves to take refuge in his room. It's their den, a place of their own where they love to be. Ideal for resting or concentrating on homework, this room can sometimes be transformed into a playroom. It can also become a cozy cocoon where he can vent his sorrows or joke with friends. It's important that they feel comfortable in an environment that suits them. That's why carefully chosen bed linen is a real asset when it comes to decorating his little nest. From soft, characteristic materials to fun prints that evoke his interests, you're sure to find the kids' fitted sheet of your dreams in our wide range of references.

Pleasant materials for sweet dreams

Choose from a wide range of materials, all guaranteeing optimum comfort. Characteristically airy, trendy washed linen provides welcome coolness in summer, while being pleasant in winter. Why not opt for cotton gauze? Crumpled and soft to the touch, it's also easy to care for. It's also easy to care for, saving you the chore of ironing. Or stick to solid values like cotton, which is both comfortable and hard-wearing. For winter, pamper your little one with pure cotton flannel, warm and fluffy, ideal for cozying up under the comforter. Think of polyester-cotton blended fabric for comfort, durability and easy care guaranteed by its quick-drying properties. The entire bed set, comforter cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet, is available in all these options. You now have everything you need to create a bubble of serenity for your offspring.

Designs to match your child's image

Your toddler is passionate about the animal world. Your days are punctuated by repeated requests for guinea pigs, rabbits, cats or dogs? or ponies. Opt for our leopard, jungle or savannah prints, or why not Nordic. You've got enough possibilities to travel from one universe to another while staying in your child's favorite theme. If you live with a future astronaut or racing driver, the cosmos print will plunge him straight into the stars, while the car print will feed his racing dreams. The little ones will be delighted by all the prints evoking fictional characters, such as Harry Potter or the Snow Queen, or even unicorns. Make your own sets by mixing these prints with the plains available in a wide range of colors. Printed or plain sheets, comforter covers and pillowcases are all opportunities to design new and original sets. These few examples give an idea of the diversity of our products. You'll find the inspiration you need to create a magical and unique place in harmony with your child.

Fitted sheet for children's bed

From Minions to Cars and Disney heroes such as The Snow Queen or Mickey and Minnie, children's fitted sheets play on pastel colors and whimsical patterns. Whether for a 90x190 single bed or a larger bed, a plain or fancy fitted sheet will prolong the life of your mattress. Remember to place it over a draw sheet to protect the bedding from night-time leaks.
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