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Women's sweater

Women's sweaters are often made from cotton, mohair, cashmere or angora, and are available with short or long sleeves. Depending on the season and style, they can be hooded, jacquard patterned or sleeveless. A small summer sweater thrown over the shoulders in the warmer hours becomes useful with the cool of the early evening. The classic stand-up collar sweater is an ally for cold winter days, and is worn for its warmth. Wool, mohair, cashmere, cotton and fleece are the main materials used for pullovers.

Softness and warmth for all sizes

Looking for the perfect sweater? Discover a variety of models that will charm you, combining comfort and fashion. Every woman will find what she's looking for in our collection, with sizes to suit every figure. Cashmere, a symbol of elegance and softness, is available in sweaters with refined cuts for an immediate sensation of warmth and undeniable style.

A stitch for every moment

Whatever the occasion, knitwear has to fit. From stand-up collars for protection from cool breezes to short sleeves for cosy evenings, every piece is designed to fit into everyday life. Whether cardigan or sweater, choose the color and material that reflect the mood of the day. And to combine practicality and elegance, why not opt for a timeless black sweater, easy to match for a look that's always perfect?

New products at low prices

True to our commitment to quality and affordability, our selection of new arrivals offers a wide range of choices at affordable prices. Whether in neutral tones like beige or bolder colors, each sweater promises a distinguished wardrobe update. With materials like wool, get ready for the cold seasons with style and comfort. Live your femininity to the full, choosing from the latest trends, without ever sacrificing warmth and everyday well-being.
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