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Women's wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are comfortable and generally high-waisted. Worn with heels or wedges, they refine the silhouette for a slim, feminine look, especially in black. Wide-leg pants are loose-fitting around the hips and flare out to the ankles. They come in a wide range of cuts: carrot pants, boyfriend pants, flare pants, elephant-leg pants. Wide-leg pants in linen, cotton or flexible fabrics can be worn all year round.

Ease of movement: loose pants for women

Comfort and style meet in women's loose pants, where ease is the key word. Loose pants, with their relaxed fit, are the epitome of chic yet nonchalant fashion. Specially adapted for those who can't resign themselves to choosing between freedom of movement and elegance, these pants open up a new field of possibilities. When you choose wide-leg black pants, you're opting for a timeless classic, a versatile piece that goes well with everything from airy blouses to cocooning sweaters. It's important not to neglect your waistline: finding your exact size guarantees a harmonious silhouette, the priestess of casual chic. Loose-fitting pants flatter the silhouette while concealing small imperfections, a significant asset for combining well-being and self-confidence.

The thousand and one facets of wide-leg pants

Our collection is packed with wide-leg pants in a variety of materials and colors. From soft velvet for a touch of daytime opulence to loose jeans for an urban excursion or a relaxing weekend, the variations are endless. Browse the dedicated page to discover the diversity of choices on offer: from casual cargo to dark denim, personal expression finds its way. Each piece has been selected to meet criteria of style and quality, ensuring that comfort and style are part of every outing. Certain models, exclusive to La Redoute, play on subtle details or avant-garde cuts to bring that much sought-after exclusive touch. In the women's wardrobe, wide-leg pants are a must-have, offering a wide range of trendy looks.

Avoid the pitfalls of pants selection

When looking for the perfect pair of wide-leg pants, it's important not to make any mistakes. Firstly, choosing the wrong size can compromise the pants' potential. Too big, and they lose their stylish effect; too small, and they restrict movement. Secondly, ignoring fabric type can lead to an unpleasant surprise in terms of fit and comfort. Materials are key to perfect fit and maximum comfort. Finally, don't consider versatility. Wide-leg pants should be able to coordinate with a variety of pieces to suit any situation, whether it's an important meeting or an outing with friends. At La Redoute, every woman will discover the wide-leg pants that will allow her to blossom through assertive style and unrivalled comfort.
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