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First bras are a crucial step for every young girl. It's important that they match their body shape, so that they can enjoy the experience in comfort. So, without underwiring and in cotton, it's THE perfect piece for preteen girls looking for everyday ease. Its soft, breathable fabric offers light support while preserving breast sensitivity. For those who prefer discretion, bras are an interesting option. Without underwiring, but still offering good support, these undergarments are particularly suitable for small, growing breasts. Discover our range of bras and brassieres for girls, designed to gently and comfortably accompany their development. Our products, without underwire and made from cotton, are designed to guarantee optimum comfort while respecting the sensitivity of their skin. Discreet, comfortable bras are ideal for small, growing breasts, offering perfect support without sacrificing style. The best way to use bras and brassieres is to choose the right size. Be sure to take your child's measurements regularly to ensure that the bra or brassiere is always the right size, offering the best possible support and comfort. An undergarment that's too tight or too loose won't perform its function properly and may even be uncomfortable. A perfect fit is the key to a positive, comfortable experience.
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