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Bar cabinet

The bar unit is a high table with a closed cupboard for storing glasses and bottles. Decorative and functional, this furniture is equally at home in the living room or open-plan kitchen. In wood, metal or with a glass support, the bar or dining table invites conviviality. In a cramped interior, it can easily replace the dining room table, provided you add bar stools.

Time to relax. The hustle and bustle of the day or week is behind you. Now is the perfect time to enjoy a convivial moment with family or friends. The bar unit is dedicated to these special moments. Practical and attractive, it's in perfect harmony with your interior and plays a key role in the organization of your space. It's the place for lively discussions, laughter and outbursts - in short, for all those shared moments in life that punctuate your existence. Find your style and adopt it for a new art of living. Twist your everyday life in the blink of an eye.

An embarrassment of riches

Rest assured, there's no need to turn your interior design upside down - there's something for every taste. Our product range offers a wide variety of designs and materials, from metal and wood to quilted leather and cane. You're sure to find something to suit your taste. In an industrial spirit, choose the black metal bar unit, which blends in perfectly with your interior. Other colorful models in the shape of a car body add originality and a little pep to your decor. For a more classic ambience, opt for noble materials. Thanks to the diversity of wood species on offer, such as oak, pine or mango, you'll be able to find the shade closest to your furniture. Finally, for a vintage feel, opt for rounded 50s-style shapes, cane or quilted leather, or the ultimate in chic, colonial cabinetry. This is the decorative element that will add that little something extra to your living room and become the focal point of your evenings.

Bar furniture for every occasion

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, you'll appreciate a bar cabinet for its storage space. Depending on the model, there's room for all your bottles, but that's not all. With its multiple compartments, shelves and drawers, this piece of furniture will accommodate your glasses and various accessories. Without cutting you off from the world, this additional work surface is a new space for concocting your delicious cocktails, serving the aperitif while continuing your conversation. An olive, a squeeze of lemon and a joke - these are the ideal ingredients to get your aperitif off to a great start and enjoy all those moments of conviviality. Set up as an island in the center of your kitchen, it serves as a table for impromptu meals. Against a wall, it fits perfectly into a small room. If you can't make up your mind where to place it, or if you'd like the counter to follow you close to the sofa, the version on castors is for you. With this versatile furniture, you can combine comfort, aesthetics and conviviality. As you go about your daily life, you'll keep discovering new uses for it. It's the icing on the cake for your evenings and weekends. It's the icing on the cake for your evenings and weekends.

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