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A wide range of furniture for home storage and decoration

Find a selection of rustic dining room sideboards, contemporary china cabinets, antique-style wooden sideboards, consoles and decorative tables for the living room wall, round or oval pedestal tables for the entrance hall, and more. A wide choice of furniture for every taste and every living space. Essential for storing crockery, decorating a small apartment or furnishing a large family home.

When it comes to furnishing your home, the choice of furniture is an important one. What type of furniture should you choose, for what room and in what material?

The choice is entirely up to you, according to your taste and budget, and beautiful furniture collections are created to suit every decorating desire and interior ambience!

Whatever the mood of your home, why not invest in a beautiful buffet, sideboard or china cabinet? These pieces of antique furniture have been brought up to date to blend in perfectly with your decor.

Elegant room furnishings

To give your dining room or living room a chic touch, there's nothing like choosing furniture made from noble materials.

The choice is vast and the possibilities wide, and if you're on a budget, you can indulge your every whim.

So why not choose beautiful materials like marble? Elegant, refined and resistant, marble will be the chic asset of your interior. With a beautiful black metal sideboard with a marble top, your living space will immediately have a different cachet.

You also have the option of choosing a concrete sideboard, ideal for a chic yet industrial ambience, or other distinctive materials such as slate. The flair of slate combined with solid wood, mango for example, will give your living room or dining room a very distinguished dimension.

A touch of modernity

If your interior is more modern and uncluttered, a wide range of sideboards and chests will fit in perfectly with this decor.

You can choose a sideboard in metal, an industrial material par excellence, or go for other options, each more beautiful and original than the last.

Discover an attractive selection of furniture in glass, ceramic, plastic or even imitation leather that will make your guests green with envy.

Ceramics can be used to create a variety of atmospheres and reliefs, helping you to give not only a modern, simple look to your decor, but also a very chic touch through the shapes thus created.

Glass, for its part, offers a huge variety of possibilities: tinted, polished or painted, many designs can be imagined with this material, and a glass sideboard will allow you to play with light and with the depth of your room. Its slightly rococo feel will bring a very special atmosphere to your home.

Adopt a rustic ambience

There's nothing like solid wood to create a rustic atmosphere, just like in the homes of yesteryear. Whether you prefer a low piece of furniture like a sideboard or a buffet, or a tall piece like a china cabinet, wood allows you to create that unique, warm, old-world atmosphere.

You can choose to integrate solid wood furniture (oak, mango, etc.) into your decor, or combine it with metal for a more modern look... Or opt for rattan furniture!

While wood allows you to be as fanciful as you like, thanks to its many options (choice of color, for example), rattan will add a delicate touch to your interior, giving it a distinctive, minimalist feel.

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