Chaise Longue

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In a corner sofa, the méridienne is the bench that resembles a bed or chaise longue. Some top-of-the-range meridiennes can be converted into 1 or 2-seater beds. This online living-room furniture store delivers designer meridiennes to your home: left or right meridienne to choose from. Leather or canvas living-room furniture to match a club armchair or to cover with a chaise longue cover. Inspired by the 50s, the méridienne still occupies a special place in our homes. This comfortable, modular piece of furniture adapts easily to any interior. Sofa during the day méridienne can be transformed into an occasional extra bed, very practical for small apartments. To keep warm, consider duck down comforters, soft and light. Among our selection, the silky velvet-covered chaise longue with its timelessly glamorous design will transform your home. Ideal for relaxing, this soft armchair will blend elegantly with the rest of your furniture. We love its solid beech frame and comfortable fabric upholstery. Soft and welcoming, its foam seat cleverly transforms into a berth, without detracting from your décor. Another advantage is that the cover can be completely removed and machine-washed. Just as practical, the removable chaise longue 100% cotton will look great in your living room, or in a child's bedroom. We love its compact shape, which slides easily along a wall. For personalized comfort, adopt the right meridian or left, made entirely to order. Create your own style, with our linen cushion covers to match the color of your favorite piece of furniture.

Long considered an outdated piece of furniture, the chaise longue is now in vogue. At a time when cocooning and well-being are the order of the day, it's in with the times. Rest assured, the extra comfort it brings to your daily life will soon become essential. Its versatility, combined with its practicality and aesthetic appeal, make this piece of occasional furniture the new "must-have" in interior design. Discover it without further ado, cosy also rhymes with style. You're sure to find yours among the wide variety of designs available. Enhance your relaxation space today.

Why succumb to the méridienne?

You may think this type of seat is difficult to use. You'd be wrong! If you're dreaming of a corner sofa, take advantage of a modular set to give free rein to your creativity. A straight sofa, at the end a meridienne to form a left or right angle, and why not a footstool and an armchair. You can adjust your composition to suit your interior. You can also use its rectilinear shape to separate the living room from the dining room. You'll be combining business with pleasure. Whether you're looking for a place to rest, a well-deserved nap or simply a good novel to devour, you'll be amazed at the uses you'll find for it. If you have a window available, position your bench seat with backrest there. The view of the sky or greenery will be an additional invitation to daydream and relax. All you'll want to do is curl up in your cushions and return to your cozy nest for a moment of escape. For those of you with a library, this is the ideal place to settle in for your reading. With your legs stretched out and your back well supported, you'll be seduced by the comfort guaranteed by this piece of furniture.

What's your style?

Color is a decisive criterion of choice. In a modular set, opt for a color that coordinates with the sofa. If your décor already has a lot of character, choose neutral tones to avoid overdoing it and slipping into bad taste. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a very classic ambiance, you'll want to give your décor a twist with a spectacular item that will catch the eye as soon as you enter the living room. Deep red or mustard yellow are perfect for this. For vintage style, consider a cane structure. It brings a touch of elegance and originality to your interior, and is in line with the current trend. Go for the wrap-around version with brass legs. Timeless, this iconic model seduces with the impression of comfort it exudes at first glance. For a retro look, a return to the 50's, the emblematic upholstered items of this era plunge you into this refined atmosphere. Velvet versions with soft seats and multiple cushions are a warm invitation to laze around. Design aficionados will love the model with its sleek shelf, which adds a resolutely contemporary accent to the living room.

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