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Wooden dressing table

A dressing table is a small table, usually made of wood, with a mirror. Numerous drawers hold combs, hairbrushes and bobby pins, as well as make-up, night cream and other cosmetics. Some drawers lock and can be used as jewelry boxes. The dressing table resembles a secretaire's office. It's a piece of furniture dedicated to well-being, beauty and coquetry. It brings a "belle époque" style to a bedroom or children's room.

An essential accessory for any bedroom or dressing room, the dressing table is the ideal piece of furniture to bring a touch of charm and femininity to your home. Originally created to hold ladies' make-up, today it's a decorative object in its own right. La Redoute offers a wide selection of dressing tables for all ages and styles.

Why buy a dressing table?

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the dressing table is an extremely practical storage unit that keeps everything within easy reach. Composed of one or more mirrors and drawers, it allows you to store and organize all your make-up and accessories. As elegant as it is functional, it's an essential piece of furniture for quick and easy make-up application.

How to choose the right type of dressing table?

La Redoute offers several styles and types of dressing table. To choose the right one, it's essential to understand your needs and define how you'll use it.

If you have lots of make-up accessories and collect jewelry, you'll want a large cabinet with lots of storage space. Models with 3 or 5 drawers and those with risers are ideal. And don't hesitate to complement your purchase with chairs or stools for added comfort. And if you're a fan of festive make-up, why not choose a dressing table with LED lighting for even greater precision?

If you're more of a minimalist and only do your make-up occasionally, opt for a compact model. Scandinavian-style dressing tables and those with fold-down mirrors will save you a lot of space while remaining highly functional. For smaller spaces where space is at a premium, you can even opt for a wall-mounted version. A wall-hung model is as cute as it is practical.

How do you choose the right style for your dressing table?

Although originally intended to be baroque and highly romantic, dressing tables today come in a wide range of styles. In wood, metal, marble and sometimes even glass, there's something to suit every taste and interior. From the most classic to the most fanciful, black, white or colored, La Redoute offers a wide choice of dressing tables.

If your interior is more design-oriented and modern, choose one with minimalist, angular shapes. For lovers of characteristic materials and warm colors, opt for Scandinavian-style dressing tables that will complement your interior and match your decor. Finally, if you're more of a classicist and love romantic shapes, opt for round ones that will add a touch of charm to your bedroom.

When well chosen, the dressing table can become the essential element of a successful interior design. La Redoute, with its wide choice of models and styles, is the ideal partner to add a touch of refinement to your interior.

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