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Baby dresser

The chest of drawers is a storage unit with drawers up to 1.20 m high. Complementing the baby wardrobe, the chest of drawers is equally at home in the nursery or bathroom. Available in pastel colors, solid pine or white wood, this piece of children's furniture sometimes incorporates a changing table. In this case, the drawers are used to store baby's toiletries: diapers, talcum powder and other soothing creams. Easy to assemble yourself, children's dressers sold on this online store are delivered to your home by appointment.

The chest of drawers is an essential piece of furniture for your child's bedroom. It keeps the room tidy. Discover our selection of chests of drawers, according to your child's age and the decorating style you've adopted.

A chest of drawers to keep your bedroom tidy

Furnish your child's bedroom with taste thanks to our selection of chests of drawers. We offer low-height furniture so that children can easily access drawers to store their belongings or clothes. It's a fun way to learn how to tidy up from an early age.

The chest of drawers completes the decor of your little one's room, alongside a wardrobe or shelves. Several models are available: designer, traditional, exotic wood, etc. It can be installed in a bedroom, bathroom or playroom.

For your baby, it's also an essential piece of furniture. The changing unit can be installed in certain layouts. Drawers can be used to store toiletries, diapers and other care products. Leave space for your little one's clothes. Keep all your baby's belongings within easy reach. Depending on the model, the changing table supports can be removed. Your chest of drawers can then be adapted to your child's age.

A wide range of chests of drawers

Explore our range of chest of drawers. Some feature neutral tones: white, gray, black, etc. Others offer more characteristic looks, such as exotic woods like mango. Choose models that grow with your child's age.

There are still chests of drawers painted and decorated with motifs that call for adventure. Explore our range of chests of drawers with animal or tropical motifs that would be perfect for your child's bedroom.

You may prefer furniture in solid colors such as pale pink, pastel yellow, light green or turquoise blue. This type of furniture will add brightness to the atmosphere of your little one's room.

Our chests of drawers still come in a variety of shapes. The three-drawer chest is certainly the most common. There are also models with half-drawers for compartmentalized storage. Other furniture features built-in shelves for displaying decorations or storing books.

We are committed to offering our customers more and more furniture sourced from responsible agroforestry, in particular with FSC and PEFC labels. To guarantee optimum safety for your children, we prefer chests of drawers designed without toxic glues, varnishes or paints.

Explore our site to discover our furniture selections for your child's bedroom. You can buy beds and chests of drawers from the same collection, which combine perfectly to create unique atmospheres.

With our products, you can create a decorating style that reflects your child's personality, while providing playful and inspiring storage. Our attractive prices and delivery terms guarantee you'll be able to furnish your child's room quickly.

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