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To keep your mattress in good condition longer, a mattress protector is an excellent idea. But if you've ever looked for this item to protect your child's bed, you'll have noticed that there are several types. So how do you choose the right product? We tell you all about it.

The basics for finding the perfect mattress protector

It probably won't come as a surprise to you, but to find the perfect mattress protector, you first need to measure your little one's mattress. There are different sizes for cribs: 40 x 80, 60 x120, 70 x140 or even 90 x 190 for bigger kids.

And don't forget to measure the thickness of the mattress. Children's mattresses are thinner than adult beds (on average 15 cm vs. 28 cm). It's a detail that counts. Remember to select a mattress with a cup slightly larger than its thickness. This will enable you to cover the mattress properly.

Next, you'll need to choose the shape of the mattress protector. There are three types. The first is a full cover, which is generally more commonly used for adult beds. It's mainly used to renovate an old mattress. Another choice is the fitted sheet. Like a fitted sheet, it covers the top and sides of the mattress. It's the best choice for protecting a child's bed, whatever its age.

The final choice is the tray-shaped mattress topper. This is a sheet placed on top of the mattress. If the child moves around a lot, this protection can come undone. It is held in place by just 4 elastic bands. To be on the safe side, opt for the mattress protector cover.

Materials, an important point

You take time to choose the materials for your baby's bed linen. The same goes for the mattress protector, even if it's not in direct contact with baby.

Cotton is the basic material for a draw sheet. It's soft and absorbs perspiration (and therefore moisture) well. The cotton mattress protector can be made of either bouclette or molleton. The former keeps the mattress cool, making it perfect for summer. The latter retains warmth and is obviously recommended for winter. There are also terry cotton mattress protectors, which are soft, comfortable, airy and waterproof.

Microfibre can also be used as a mattress protector. Soft and supple, it dries very quickly, making it ideal for cribs that can get dirty quickly. Highly absorbent, this protection is perfect for keeping your child dry.

Last but not least, Coolplus is very breathable and moisture-wicking. Perfect for summer.

You also need to take your baby into account. Does he still have accidents? Choose a waterproof mattress protector. With a thin layer of polyurethane or PVC (noisier), it acts as a screen between the sleeper and the mattress. For top-of-the-range hygiene, absorbent mattress covers are ideal.

For sensitive or allergic children, an anti-mite model is perfect. It provides an excellent barrier between the child and dust mites, as well as against mold and mildew. If you want a healthy textile, choose models with Oeko-tex certification.

As for aesthetics, most mattress protectors are white, but you can also find models in other shades. You're free to choose the one you like best. However, to keep your cover as discreet as possible under the sheet, white is an excellent choice.

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