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Choosing the right pillow protectors is essential

As with mattresses, protective covers for cushions help keep them in good condition for longer. There are also special-purpose pillowcases and slipcovers: anti-dust mite and anti-allergy.

There are certain purchases that make you wonder "how we did it before". Pillow protectors are definitely one of them. Generally made from characteristic, breathable materials, they protect your bedding and your health. Better still, it helps improve the quality of your sleep. Here's a look at this little piece of fabric with a lot going for it.

Excellent protection for your pillows

Like the mattress protector, the pillow protector will protect your bed cushion from normal wear and tear. Let's not forget that during your nights of sleep, however soft they may be, you can potentially cause a number of uncontrolled stains/leaks (perspiration, saliva, wet hair). This phenomenon is even more pronounced among women, who like to apply night care products that are acclaimed for their effectiveness. Hair oils, facial masks and other rich creams can penetrate pillowcases and damage pillows. The impermeability of pillow protectors prevents this from happening: they provide an extra layer of protection to prevent further damage to your precious headrests. The typical example, most frequently deplored by consumers, is the famous yellowing of pillow fabric. Remember the first day you bought it? It was full, soft and fluffy. Over time, it has become soft and misshapen? Here again, protection plays a crucial role in keeping the pillow plump and in its original shape. No more stuffing feathers that disappear more and more over the years.

A good way to preserve your health

The above-mentioned stains cause more than just aesthetic discomfort. Over time, dirt can become embedded, creating a sanitary climate that is not conducive to well-being. Unlike pillows, protectors are machine-washable, guaranteeing reliable, regular hygiene. For the more fragile or allergy-prone, sweat and dead skin cells can attract dust mites. As a result, your nights are punctuated by sneezing or allergic reactions. Pillow protectors alleviate these nocturnal discomforts when they are treated with an anti-mite treatment, which is not systematic, but highly recommended. It adds an extra layer of protection.

These materials are not only airy, but also absorb and release moisture (the former) and freshness (the latter). Bonuses that go a long way to making the most of your night's sleep. No need to worry about noise, either: the fabrics used remain silent, even when rubbed. To cover your bolsters, opt for pillow protectors with elastic ends for maximum support. Thanks to innovative ideas, more and more companies are manufacturing intelligent underpads, which can even control body temperature during sleep. A distinctive and economical way to cool off hot summer nights or warm up winter nights.
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