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Choosing a baby mattress

The criteria for buying a baby mattress depend on the type of bed, and the age and weight of the infant. For a bassinet or cradle, choose a mattress measuring 72 x 33 cm. For a crib, opt for a 60 x 120 or 70 x 140 cm mattress. Ensure that the foam is hypoallergenic and that the mattress is between 12 and 15 cm thick. Like all childcare accessories, baby mattresses must comply with NF safety standards.

For baby to sleep well, it's important to choose the right mattress. There are a number of criteria you need to take into account to give your baby the best possible nest. Let's take a look at them.

Selecting the perfect mattress

Your baby is fragile and deserves the best. He still spends a lot of time in bed, so the bed must offer him maximum comfort, but also minimize the risk of allergies, without forgetting to give him optimum support.

To achieve this, you'll need to pay attention to a few things.

The first is that the bed must comply with the Decree 2000-164 standard. You'll also need to pay attention to the dimensions. Firstly, the mattress must be the same size as the base. There must be no gap between the two elements. Otherwise, your child could get trapped or hurt. It's also essential that the mattress matches the dimensions of the bed frame. Professionals advise that a mattress measuring 60 X 120 or 70 X 140 is the best choice.

For a young child (0 to 5 years), it's not necessary to choose a thick mattress. A thickness of 8 to 12 cm is considered ideal. The little one will be well supported.

Is the choice of material a headache?

We're always a little afraid of making a mistake when it comes to choosing the right mattress material for our child.

There are two types of material to choose from: characteristic and synthetic. In the first category, you'll find wool, coconut fiber or certified latex. In the second, synthetic latex or polyurethane foam.

The advantage of polyurethane foam is that it adapts well to your little one's body. It allows him to move effortlessly and holds him correctly throughout the night. It's lightweight, so it's easy for parents to handle when putting on sheets, for example. Last but not least, experts say it plays a role in preventing flat head.

Latex is not only anti-mite, but also hypoallergenic (although check that your little one isn't allergic to latex!). It's a flexible mattress that follows baby's movements. It's also thermoregulating, so baby won't suffer from the heat.

Wool is thermoregulating, anti-acarid and very soft. This little detail, however, makes it a material not recommended for young children. It will sink into the mattress and not move freely.

Finally, coconut fiber is ventilated, hypoallergenic and anti-acarid. It's a good choice, provided you pay attention to the quality of the product. You'll have to pay a high price to avoid the formation of hollows, especially with latex-coconut mattresses. If you don't have a detailed breakdown of the product's composition, it's best to avoid it.

Any other criteria?

After the mattress core, you'll also need to look at the composition of the mattress cover. This is in direct contact with baby. So it's important to pay close attention.

It can be made of coutil, a widely-used material that offers a number of advantages: self-regulating, breathable, solid... Sounds perfect for baby, but ticking is made from polyester. For baby's comfort, it's best to forget about it, preferring models with covers made from characteristic materials such as Tencel. Made from wood pulp, it absorbs moisture. It's soft, comfortable and refreshing. What's more, it neutralizes odors, which is a big plus for your little angel.

You can also find wraps made from bamboo fibers, which offer the same advantages as Tencel, or from classic cotton.

Last but not least, the mattress cover is also very important. Choose a cover that can be removed for easier cleaning. Choose anti-allergic materials (AllergoStop microfiber, for example). Your baby will now be able to dream sweet dreams in a cosy nest!

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