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Welcoming guests on a real bed!

Each convertible system requires its own mattress. A BZ mattress, for example, is a 3-part convertible mattress. A clic-clac mattress, on the other hand, unfolds and folds into 2 sections. BZ and clic-clac sofas can be unfolded and folded very easily, just remember to remove the sheets and comforters, of course. Comforter covers are available for convertible mattresses. To match the design of the sofa to the rest of the décor.

Your sofa bed is tired and you'd like to give it a facelift rather than change it? It's a great idea, and it's very simple: all you have to do is change the mattress. But to do so, it's essential to choose your mattress carefully.

A well-thought-out choice

Whether you have a clic-clac or a BZ sofa, changing the mattress (and therefore the seat) is no problem at all. But if you want to be comfortable, there are a number of criteria to take into account. Unlike a conventional mattress, a clic-clac mattress can be folded in 2. A BZ model, on the other hand, can be folded in 3.

Obviously, the dimensions of your bench seat are the first thing to consider. The classic size is 120 x 190 cm. But it's also possible to find mattress models in 130 X 190, 140 X 190 and 140 X 200. For BZ, you can also find models in 160 X 190 and 160 X 200. It's important to choose the right size for a perfect visual effect, but also for greater comfort.

The mattress you choose will also depend on how you use your clic-clac. If you rarely use it as an extra bed, a polyether foam model will be sufficient. It's suitable for occasional use and offers basic comfort.

For more regular use, prefer polyurethane foam. It provides better support and lasts longer.

Finally, if you sleep on your sofa bed every day, opt for a latex mattress, which offers optimum comfort.

There are also futon mattresses for clic-clac or BZ. Made from cotton and latex, this type is thinner, but still offers excellent support.

So much for the basics, but other criteria are just as important.

Anything else to consider? Of course there are!

Another criterion is very important when choosing your clic-clac or BZ mattress. The greater the density, the firmer and more supportive the mattress. If you have back problems, don't overlook this density. For a polyether foam mattress, choose at least 25 kg/m3 (anything less will cause the mattress to sag very quickly). For polyurethane, a density of 30 to 35 kg/m3 is perfect. For latex, choose a density of 60 kg/m3.

You'll also need to take a look at the thickness of the mattress. In general, you'll find mattresses with a thickness ranging from 8 to 25 cm. Don't forget that this type of bed has an integrated base that cannot be changed according to your needs. The mattress must therefore be thick enough to provide good support. For occasional use, 12 cm is a good choice. For daily use, 20 cm is preferable.

Also check the fabric. It should be strong and breathable.

Price is also characteristically important. First prices range from 150 to 300 euros. Intermediate mattresses cost between 300 and 500 euros. Top quality starts at 500 euros and can rise to over 800 euros. But always bear in mind that if you sleep on your sofa bed every day, it's better to spend more to avoid back pain and get better rest. The mattress will also last longer, which is ultimately more economical.

Finally, to keep your mattress looking good longer, don't forget to give it a cover. This will prevent the stains that can occur when you nibble on your sofa, and therefore your mattress.

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