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Designed to protect surfaces and tablecloths from heat, trivets are first and foremost a practical accessory. Its sophisticated design and the wide range of materials and styles available make it an aesthetic object that you'll be happy to pull out of your drawers. In harmony with your world, it will become an integral part of your decor. And don't forget your table linens, too, with sous-assiettes, ideal for preserving your tablecloths. They'll give your tableware that little extra touch and personalize your arrangement. Create the table of your dreams. It will be your signature as an expert in the art of entertaining.

Practical and attractive, the model that suits you best

If functionality is your main concern, opt for the expandable models or the multi-size set. With the latter, in cork or silicone, you're sure to have the right accessory, whatever the size of your dish. Fans of the "all-in-one" look to the extendable metal model, available in a wide range of colors. You can also combine practicality and aesthetics to match your decor. For an industrial ambience or country house style, opt for versions in metal, aluminum or cast iron, or those in glass or ceramic. Retro motifs reminiscent of old posters or earthenware tiles fit perfectly into this environment. For a bohemian look, opt for characteristic materials such as wood or water hyacinth. Finally, for a more designer look, accessories in the shape of a cactus, palm leaf or pineapple are just the thing. You like them so much that you leave them as decoration on your kitchen table or use them under a vase as protection against humidity. Every style has its own trivet.

Decorative, the little extra for a creative table

You love to entertain and pay particular attention to your table. Every detail counts and every reception is an opportunity to express yourself. You love table linen and shudder with anxiety at every little stain that could deprive you of your favorite tablecloth for good. Choose a trivet, which has the dual advantage of offering protection and personalizing your décor. If you're looking for a slightly rough or rustic look, the characteristic fiber or jute model will enhance your stoneware tableware with its rustic, uncluttered appearance. To enhance a classic porcelain service with silver or gold edging, dare to add a touch of fantasy with a metal item in the same shades. Sublimate your festive table with these silver and gold hues, perfectly in tune with Christmas. Be creative and think of this accessory as a decorative asset rather than a simple protection, even if it's true that it will extend the life of your tablecloths. Setting a pretty table is a real pleasure and a sign of attention that your guests will appreciate.

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