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The sugar bowl, an essential design object

Whether for breakfast or for coffee at the end of the meal, the sugar bowl is a design object used every day. While it protects sugar cubes or powdered sugar from humidity, the sugar bowl also has a decorative function in tableware. From bistro-style stainless steel sugar bowls to colorful plastic sugar boxes, our tableware department offers original sugar bowls for every style of kitchen.

For breakfast or afternoon tea, the sugar bowl is an essential accompaniment to your cookies. Whether in the form of a sugar box for sugar cubes, or a sugar dispenser for powdered sugar, there are a multitude of prices and references to choose from. As useful for serving as for storing, it can also add a touch of originality if you opt for a colorful model. All you have to do is decide which one will look best on your tray!

Different types of sugar bowls to suit all tastes

For a retro feel, the ball sugar bowl is a must-have. Its metal shell and original design make it as useful as it is attractive. With its bright colors, it brings cheerfulness to your kitchen and adds pep to your coffee break. It's particularly well-suited to sugar cubes, as you don't need a spoon or tongs to help yourself. Practical and stylish, it's the star of the sugar bowl range, and deserves to take pride of place on every worktop. Place it next to your coffee maker with a few decorations to create a pretty "coffee bar": bistro atmosphere guaranteed!

Qiod sugar dispenser?

It's undoubtedly the most practical accessory to have among your utensils. Both to avoid the risk of over-pouring and to prevent waste. Whether you're pouring directly into your cup, or measuring out a precise portion when baking, its metal spout is ideal. Made of glass and generally transparent, it lets you see the level remaining inside the container. Its sleek lines give it a refined look, making it an elegant accompaniment to your mugs.

Sugar bowl and pot sets for an artful break

To serve your tea in style, bring along a set of sugar bowls and milk jugs. Ceramic, stoneware or glass, the various materials used in their manufacture make these containers as solid as they are chic. With floral motifs for a classic look, or white for a streamlined look, all models complement each other and are easy to combine. Sugar bowl or creamer, dare to mix and match and create a set to suit your image. What's more, if you're short of inspiration, pre-assembled pots are available for delivery.

The classic sugar box

With its rectangular shape, this metal box is ideal for storing your sugar squares without having to take them out and get rid of their cardboard. The lid ensures optimum preservation, protecting them from humidity and light. The wide range of designs and colors available gives you the opportunity to choose an original piece to liven up your kitchen. Don't hesitate to display it on your table or worktop, although it will certainly find a place in your cupboards.

In addition to its main purpose, the sugar bowl can also be used as a jam dish. Whether in stoneware or porcelain, it will always be your ally for a sumptuous meal. All you have to do is make your choice and turn your four o'clock meal into a five-star affair!

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