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An evolving children's desk

The desk is a piece of furniture that accompanies him throughout his schooling. The best choice: trestles and desk chairs with adjustable legs. For younger children, a small school table in the colors of favorite heroes, such as Barbapapas, Spider Man or Dora the Explorer, will stimulate their imagination. When they reach adolescence, they'll need a workspace that includes a computer cabinet. Timeless and sturdy, the solid pine desk remains a safe bet for children's furniture, whether for working, creating or playing on the computer.

As soon as a child starts school, it's a good idea to buy a desk to help them with their homework and studies. But which desk should you choose, and what criteria should you take into account?

Offices to go with it

You'll find a wide choice of progressive desks to accompany your child throughout his or her school career.

The principle is simple: the reclining tray can be adjusted to your child's height, so that he or she can sit at the desk in the most comfortable, physiological position. This means you can keep the furniture for many years by raising the tray over time.

There's a wide range of adjustable desks available, so you can find the one that best suits your needs, and especially those of your child. For example, there are desks whose tops can be divided and tilted, so that your child can adopt a good position while doing homework. You can also find desks specially designed for left-handed users: thanks to the different tops, left-handed children can rest their right elbow more easily when writing, and have more space at their disposal.

Space-saving offices

You can find swivel desks that adapt perfectly to the space in your child's room, folding in on themselves to take up considerably less space.

And for older children, there are connected desks: equipped with USB ports and built-in speakers, they can work while recharging their electronic devices and listening to their favorite music to motivate them. Their sleek, modern design adds cachet to this very practical desk.

Furniture designed with him in mind

From an early age, children develop their own tastes and interests. Encouraging him in his passions and letting him express his creativity are two very important things, and some offices help to give him this space for expression.

If your child is a dreamer who loves building tree houses and playing in the woods, why not install a tree house or teepee desk? The teepee desk lets you store notebooks, books and other items in specially designed niches, while providing an interesting workspace thanks to its tray. Its teepee-style wooden structure lets you express your creativity and decorate it to your heart's content. The cabin desk, meanwhile, has a fabric tent covering its structure, providing ample storage space.

As your child enters adolescence, if he or she is interested in video games or programming, investing in a special gaming desk may be an option. These desks, with their generally wider tops and storage spaces designed to accommodate the important parts of a desktop computer (CPU, printer, etc.), are ideal for your teenager to play his or her favorite games after finishing homework.

And why not create a vintage atmosphere? In addition to the beautiful desks of all styles that you can find for your child, many desks have been created in the style of antique furniture. So, if you want to give your child's bedroom a retro feel, you can!
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