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A desk for every need! In this wide selection of desks, you're bound to find the piece of furniture to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a wooden desk or one made from more modern materials, there's something for every taste! Choose a metal desk for a trendy touch in a teenager's bedroom, or a pretty secretary desk for the parents' bedroom. This model has the advantage of closing once you've finished your work, so it always looks tidy. To create a studious corner in your living room, consider vintage desks with clean lines that offer a good work surface, ideal for working or using your computer, with storage compartments or drawers to keep your belongings organized at all times.To benefit from the same utility, but with a more discreet piece within your living room, you can choose a console or corner desk. This allows you to make the most of the space available, while adding a nice decorative touch. What's more, on this selection by La Redoute, you'll also find plenty of desk accessories, such as desk lamps, chairs or stools to coordinate with your furniture. All you need is a pretty rug in a soft color and a pretty picture frame, and you'll have a cosy office corner that'll make you want to settle in!
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