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Mezzanine bed for 1 or 2 persons

Unlike bunk beds, the mezzanine bed has a single mattress. This elevated piece of furniture can be up to 2 meters high. Access to the bed is via a ladder or small staircase. Made of wood or metal, the mezzanine bed is available as a 1 or 2-seater double bed. The space gained under the box spring can be used for a desk, shelves or even a sofa bed. Perfect for small bedrooms with high ceilings. Easy-to-assemble kit delivered to your home or to a Relais Colis® point.

Whether you're looking to furnish a children's bedroom or a guest room, the choice of bedding is bound to come up. What type of bed should you choose, and how should you arrange the space? Choosing to install a bunk bed or a mezzanine bed can be an interesting option.

A practical choice for kids' and teens' bedrooms

In a child's or teenager's bedroom, choosing a mezzanine bed saves space, especially if the room doesn't have much volume. In fact, mezzanine beds allow you to sleep high up while still benefiting from a space underneath, very useful for installing a desk, for example.

Mezzanine beds are available in a wide range of designs, so you can modulate your space in the way you prefer. Whether you prefer a lower space that's completely free to accommodate whatever you need, or a lower space that's already furnished with a desk, bookcase or storage space, these beds can be adapted to suit your needs.

Accessible via steps or a ladder, some models even come with a toboggan ramp for getting out of bed in good spirits.

The cabin bed is also a wise option for a young child: thanks to its low sleeping area and numerous storage compartments for books and toys, it also offers a cozy, cosy space with a tent for shelter.

Furnishing a room for several children

If you have several children, but only one room available to accommodate them, a bunk bed seems to be the most suitable option.

There's a wide range of models to choose from, so you can decorate and furnish the room to suit your tastes and those of your children and teenagers. You'll find bunk beds in the shape of fire engines for children fascinated by these heroes, or in the image of London buses for traveling without leaving the bedroom. Of course, more distinctive models are also available, in both wood and metal, depending on the desired ambience.

While two-berth bunk beds are the most common, you can also find three-berth bunk beds if you have three children, or if they often have friends or cousins over.

Furnishing other rooms in the house

A guest room isn't necessarily always used, and gaining space in the room may be necessary if it rarely welcomes guests. The same goes for an office that you'd like to be able to turn into a guest room when you need it.

In these cases, opting for a mezzanine bed means you can keep an office area and still have a bed available, without having to install anything, even at the last minute.

Need to furnish a room for a family? Whether you're planning a guest room or a B&B, there are bunk beds specially designed for families.

Allowing two adults to sleep on the lower floor, the upper floor accommodates one or two children, so the whole family can enjoy a good night's sleep together.

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